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Winter_Drive by Maria Grigoryeva

Artist/Composer:Maria Grigoryeva
A moody and reflective piano based Instrumental that immediately paints pictures in your imagination. As an example it may capture the feeling of a desolate winter drive or walk, mood like loneliness, sad love. Past memories flood the present. The imagery of ice and snow compound the nostalgic and reflective feelings. Perfect fit for modern stylish commercials or films.
Keywords: Cinematic, piano, strings, violin, emotional, underscore, atmospheric, moving forward, rhythmic, sad, loneliness, instrumental, background, new classical, fresh, cold, winter, driving, memories, reminiscence, love, desolate landscape, reflective, feelings, modern, stylish, fashion, nostalgic, melancholia, dreamy, romantic, sensitive, imagination, minimalistic, sentimental
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