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That was the panel I saw the other day at the Tribeca Film Festival. Due to the recent success of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, everyone’s looking for the next religious hit.

With Cuba Gooding Jr., Jonathan Bock(Grace Hill), Ralph Winter(20th century Fox, Michael Flaherty (co-founder Walden Media and moderated by a woman from PBS, the panel talked about the sudden realization by Hollywood of the Christian market. Flaherty mentioned that a recent survey had 40% of Americans in church on Sunday – duh! What a huge mega market. Walden Media had a huge hit with Chronicles of Narnia which as one audience member said “I’m Jewish and I read that book as a kid and loved it. I didn’t think about is this a Christian book or not – it’s a great story.”

And as the panel went on – the basic overall message is: is it a good story? Will it captivate people no matter what their faith?
Poor Marty Scorsese with his Last Temptation of Christ which brings up many of the same issues that the coming DaVinci Code does. Too early? Well actually most people found the film too boring.

I still love the soundtrack by Peter Gabriel – it’s even better than the film.

And in related news…the film I scored last year Mrs. Worthington’s Party is now garnering some interest at a certain major studio. As it deals with priests and the Catholic Church and Christmas, we hope to see it on the big screens just as the first snow falls. I may be in Bulgaria in the next few months recording new bits of score. Stay tuned.

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