• This soundtrack could be perfect for a podcast intro on technology – upbeat, electronica, in your face but not cold http://ht.ly/3YZAZ #
  • Very strange, quirky, macabre music. Little Rascals meets a Night on Bald Mountain and a carnival organ. http://ht.ly/3Yo1h #
  • Your presentation needs an extra push, but not much. Here's some classical piano music: elegant, understated – classic. http://ht.ly/3Xyl2 #
  • All the tragedy in the world…comes from lack of harmony. And harmony is best given by producing it in one's own life. Hazrat Inayat Khan #
  • Epic, orchestral, bombastic and straight outta Mordor http://ht.ly/3WLpN #
  • Harmony may unquestionably excite different passions in us, depending on the chords that are used. Jean-Philippe Rameau #GreatMusicQuotes #
  • Apple to expand MobileMe to cloud based music hosting and a new smaller iPhone. Cool! http://ht.ly/3VZS0 #

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