Here’s some tips for using our Production Music Online Store. We’ve heard that some of you haven’t noticed our NEW FEATURE of FREE DOWNLOADS of COMP FILES.

If you look right under the title of any song or track in the production music library, there’s a link called Download Music Preview. This will allow you to download any of our music files (with audio watermark) and insert it into your presentation, or video or film or website –so you can get your client approval (or your significant other!)

This makes life much easier so you don’t have to guess whether the timing is right or if it works well to your project. Then, when all is worked out, and the client has said “You are a Creative Genius!”
you can come back and purchase the clean version, insert it and voila, you’re done.

Here’s some handy steps:

  1. Search or Browse for the music based on genre, or a band or artist you like, or even by the mood of the music
  2. Listen to the preview music tracks
  3. Download the associated music preview file for comping into your design or video edit
  4. Show it to your client or partners and get their approval.
  5. Come back here and search by typing in the name of the track or the product ID (same as the file name of the music preview file)
  6. License and Download

Here’s a handy graphic that says a thousand words.

Download preview Track Length: 00:00

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