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Accidentally, we created a production music libraryWe have a confession to make.  This whole thing started as an accident.  

The Head Monk had been creating music for Fortune 500 advertising clients at his job as a Creative Director at FCB.  

The music was received wonderfully well and really added the extra emotional oomph needed to bring in more eyeballs, attention and sales.  

He started putting some music, that was not selected for these projects, on a homemade website.

Soon, fellow creatives in advertising, marketing and film were finding us a great source for music that was somehow different – because it was made to accompany a visual or tell a story, there was an inherent narrative structure that made it work better than just any old pop music or dance music.

Other composers soon joined us on our quest…to share the wonder and beauty of high quality music made for picture.

Over the years, the site has gained it’s share of loyal users with very little in the way of advertising or big budget marketing.  Thank you for your loyal support!

After eleven years, and phone discussions with many of you, we’ve finally implemented changes that you have asked for:
1) We’ve created a new preview music player that shows a visual waveform of the music.   This allows you to see the sound and know in advance that there are dips and changes in the music and whether it’s a hard stop or fade out.  You can skip around and play whatever part you want.

Here’s what the player looks like.  After you click on a track, it pops up at the bottom of the window.  Pretty cool, eh?
Screenshot 2015-08-25 11.10.56

2) You can still download a watermarked version to try out in your FinalCut or Avid rig in front of the client.  We were among the first to do this.  Just click the down arrow.

3) You can see the Total Running Time for each track right in the Preview Player.

4) We have adjusted our rates to keep them affordable for our indie clients and yet keep them in line with professional music libraries.  This is important as many of our composers were balking at the low prices.  You can see the new Web-only license is now $47 and covers streaming video, YouTube and other web video.  The Standard license which covers most needs is now $77.  Read the full licensing agreement here.

4) You can always ask us to do a custom audio edit for you.  Many of our composers would be happy to custom edit their tracks to fit your pieces.  Our rates for these custom edits begin at $200.  Be sure and get in touch if you find something so close, but just needs a tweak.

It has been a true pleasure to work with so many great companies, creatives and our monks, aka, the composers.

Feel free to browse our site.  And for you newbies, here’s a good place to start.


Download preview Track Length: 00:00

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