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It’s been a long time since I last posted. Sorry for the break – just needed to take care of a hundred things including a score for a short animated film for Pfizer’s Listerine brand. Yes – it’s a mini DVD that’s going to be included on a millions of product packages for Agent Cool Blue. With a name like that, of course it’s going to be an animated character super-hero.

And I got to play in a great area of music – the 50/60’s tv spy theme genre. Peter Gunn, Get Smart, Pink Panther, James Bond, Secret Agent Man, Batman, the Man with the Golden Arm and all those great jazzy classics. And after carefully researching my references – which I do on every project – it was revealed to me the secret black knowledge of the 1950’s/60’s movie/television composer.

There’s a very specific scale that everyone in this genre used. It’s like each theme is an inversion of the other. Anyway, you can hear a sneak peek at my theme here.

Kapow! Blam! Zowie! Zoinks!

Download preview Track Length: 00:00

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