Saw the Groomsmen the other day at Tribeca Film Fest. It’s the latest film by writer/director/actor Edward Burns. While I always found Edward Burns’ characters to be repulsively smug, I must say I enjoyed this film. Very well written and performances from John Leguizamo (viva Colombia!) and Jay Mohr (who almost steals the show). The inciting incident is the upcoming wedding of the Burns character to his pregnant girlfriend and the week hanging out with his groomsmen before the big day. They’re all kids at 35 and trying to grow up.

The setting is in Long Island – which is where I grew up. It really hits it on the nose – I was cringing with the puffy hairdos, the “strong island” references, the horrible 80’s rock songs and the accent (Ya wanna get sumthin ta eet?). I should have hated this film – but it’s a great story and well done.

I’ll pass on the soundtrack though. What was it with the 80’s?

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