Music To Stir the Blood

Cinematic, Action Music
Cinematic, Action Music

We’ve just added a bunch of new powerful, dramatic and often heroic, sometimes dark music soundtracks to our Underscore-Drama section of the Online Royalty Free Music Store.

Check out these and the entire collection.

  1. Massive, grand and climactic orchestral pinnacle, followed by a warm yet thoughtful epilogue. Excellent for triumphant yet bittersweet epic endings. “Victory is ours, yet at what cost?” Very dramatic, with high production values and stunning realism. Keywords: Grand, Epic, Dramatic, Climax, Powerful, Orchestral, Massive, Filmic.  By Dave Klotz.

  2. Let Them Try
    An orchestral rock guitar hybrid that builds and then releases into a gentle classical guitar and strings theme. Effective for a film underscore that needs an edge with a tender heart. A hero with a heart?  By Proofsound.
  3. Memories of WW2 –
    Passionate , sad , noble French horns , strings , piano, oboe ,el. Piano ,harp 1min 56sec – by Alex Khaskian
  4. Mrs. Tinkle
    Magical big Hollywood like Harry Potter meets Mrs. Doubtfire. By Sebastian Morawietz.
  5. No Way Back
    Intense, bold, big orchestral rock metal hybrid. Action, action, action! Similar to stuff from the Hans Zimmer school of scoring. Blockbuster sound.  By Proofsound.
  6. The Getaway Plan
    Insistent bass and guitar riff with pounding drums drive this action filled rock track.  Great for a Guy Ritchie type Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels action piece.  By Robert Wayne Johnson.
  7. Yup It’s The Big Action Cue
    A massive, dramatic, hollywood style film cue suitable for anything involving frenetic action and excitement. Huge orchestra, powerful drum, chunky guitars and industrial elements make this cue perfect for any battle, chase, or disaster sequence. Keywords: Action, battle, chase, huge, orchestral, hollywood, adventure, power.  By Dave Klotz.
  8. Burning The Witch
    Exactly like it sounds.  By Marinho Nobre.

The sound of hollywood, Maurice Jarre dies at 84

PARIS – A French musicians guild says Oscar-winning film composer Maurice Jarre has died at the age of 84.

Jarre is best known for writing the haunting song “Lara’s Theme” from the film “Doctor Zhivago.”

SACEM head Bernard Miyet cites Jarre’s family Monday as saying the composer died in his California villa.

Jarre penned dozens of scores for some of Hollywood’s most prominent directors.

He won Oscars for his music for “Doctor Zhivago,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” and “Passage to India,” and was nominated for an additional six Academy Awards.

Jarre was born in 1924 in Lyon, France, and studied music at the Conservatoire de Paris before starting his career composing scores for theatrical productions. He has lived in the U.S. for decades.

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