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Life is A Magical Adventure

“Life is a magical adventure.”  That’s been my personal motto for about 2 decades now.  And though sometimes, life is more magical than other times, it still resonates within me.  And especially now, with so many people suffering, I can use some to reminding that life indeed is a magical adventure.

Life is a magical adventureIf I/we knew in advance the outcome of every story, project, job, trip, television show, film, play, etc –  life would be hell.  In fact, my personal definition of hell is stasis; complete stagnation and non-movement – no growth.  So life needs to be an adventure where we don’t always know the endings or what’s going to happen on page 75 or the final scene of Act III or what’s coming around the corner.  But if life is going to be an adventure, how about making it a magical adventure?  Yes!  One that brings things, results, events, people, places to us as if by magic?  How much more fun would life be?

What’s your personal motto or mission?

It needs to be something you can remember and say in one sentence, sort of like a movie description.  The people who write those one or two sentence descriptions really have to be very conscious of being simple, yet profound – able to stir excitement, intrigue and curiosity.  For it to be an effective personal motto, it needs to be like a shorthand code that speaks volumes to yourself.

So as I do every December, review your world as you have created it as of now.  Are you still on your path?  Are you true to your personal power phrase?  Do you even have one?  Give great thanks for all that you have and dream of where you will go this year.

Thanks for being a part of our lives and Happy Holidays from me and all 300 of us!
We hope to work with you in the coming year and beyond.
Best regards,
Andrew Ingkavet

Exec Producer /Composer / “Head Monk”

300 Monks – Visionary Music for Moving Images

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