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The 5th annual Tribeca Film Fest is in full swing. It’s my first time going and it’s nice to see how intimate it is.

Saw an interesting preview of a work in progress last night called Secrets of the Code based on a book of the same title. It’s another of the many projects that have been spawned by Dan Brown’s mega blockbuster book “The Da Vinci Code”. There’s an entire industry built out of that book with other books debunking or debating issues brought up in it, documentaries (at least 10 out there) and even travel tours to Paris and places visited in the book.

And…on May 19th, the Hollywood film version by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks is unleashed to something like 50 countries simulataneously. Many predict it will be the biggest grossing film of all time. And Hans Zimmer is Herr Maestro.

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