Free Audio Editing Software/Tools

Audio Editing software

Visually edit the waveforms, etc, export and convert to a variety of formats.

  • Audacity – Great multi platform open-source audio editor.  Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Wavosaur – For Windows, includes ability to use VST plug-ins.
  • SoundGrinder Pro – Mac Only.  Trial Version available.
  • Peak – Expensive but great.  The Swiss Army Knife of 2 track audio editing.  If you only need some of the features get Peak LE for a fraction of the price.  This is Pro-Audio.  Mac Only.

Audio Converters

For changing the format of files from WAVS to MP3, or AIFF or whatever – backwards or forwards.

  • iTunes – We recommend iTunes as it is very easy to use, available on Mac and Windows and free.
  • Audio Converter – Free Trial version available – for Windows only
  • SoundGrinder – Free Trial, shareware – multi platform – great batch processing.  We use this everyday.  Mac only.
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