She's Never Gonna Be With Me by Rob Oliver

Artist/Composer:Rob Oliver
An uptempo alternative rock song with a bit of a grooving, dance vibe to it. Morphs into a straight ahead rocker before changing back into a more grooving feel. Great for something needing a driving, dark, head nodding feel to it.
Keywords: Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Piano, Electric, Rock, Alternative, Pop, Indie, Attitude, Sexy, Dance, Driving, Groove, Dark, Melodic
Together On Our Own by Rob Oliver

Artist/Composer:Rob Oliver
A midtempo song that starts out happy and bouncy that turns into a rocker with a bit of an attitude. Could be a great track for sports themed things or good for something that needs to show a progression from happy to a bit more aggressive.
Keywords: Electric Guitar, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Indie, Happy, Bouncy, Rocker, Builds, Release
Too Much or Never Enough by Rob Oliver

Artist/Composer:Rob Oliver
A midtempo piano based pop song with elements of jazz. Features some melodic harmonica playing soothing melodies. Great for anything lighthearted that needs a sense of accomplishment.
Keywords: Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Electric, Jazzy, Wishful, Lighthearted, Accomplishment, Playful, Fun, Upbeat, Soothing, Relaxing, Soulful
Twelve and Fifty by Rob Oliver

Artist/Composer:Rob Oliver
An uptempo alternative rock song with elements of reggae and a rock guitar solo. Begins and ends with a grooving reggae type feel that has straight rocking parts in the middle. Great for anything sports related or something that needs a rocking island feel to it.
Keywords: Electric Guitar, Piano, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie, Guitar Solo, Groove, Riff, Energy, Attitude
You Think You Know by Rob Oliver

Artist/Composer:Rob Oliver
A midtempo electric guitar based alternative rock song with some attitude to it. Has some harmonica melodies and electronic elements that give it a unique vibe. Good for something needing to convey a sense of aggressiveness without being over the top.
Keywords: Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Synth, Electric, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie, Attitude, Aggressive, Robotic
After the Storm by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
A powerful, Zeppelin-esque, almost epic folk rock instrumental that starts out quietly, acoustically and builds up to a majestic, amplified crescendo. The song features a folk rock band with hammond, guitars, mandolin, harmonica, piano as well as strings and french horns. Many levels of energy.
Keywords: Dramatic, Forceful, Hopeful, Edgy, Emotional, Dynamic, Atmospheric, Triumphant, Majestic, Brave, Inspiring, Heroic, Climactic, Free, Booming, Epic, Anticipating, Adventurous, Escalating, Building, achievement, powerful, building, growing, pounding, folksy, mandolin, acoustic guitar, hammond, organ, drums, Bonzo, Led Zeppelin, big, electric guitar, guitar solo, french horn, strings, instrumental, medium tempo
Almost Paradise by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
Extremely uplifting track with the same style and structure as Coldplay's hit song Paradise. Short organ and string intro explodes into a massive chorus of powerful synths, emotional strings and soaring guitars, then a tender piano-based verse. Super dynamic, motivational, touching, powerful.
Keywords: Adventurous, Beautiful, Bright, Climactic, Coldplay, Coldplay sound-alike, Emotional, Epic, Forceful, Happy, Hopeful, Inspiring, Longing, Majestic, Melancholic, Motivational, Mylo Xyloto, Paradise, Powerful, Soaring, Strong, Touching, Triumphant, Uplifting, achievement, bass guitar, commercial, corporate, drums, electric guitar, emotive, inspirational, modern, optimistic, passionate, piano, positive, presentation, promo, sound-alike, sports, strings, successful, synth, synths, tender, touching, winner, winning, medium tempo
Black Stripes by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
An edgy, booming neo blues rock track in the vein of The White Stripes, The Black Keys and Jack White. Nasty guitars, maxed out vintage drums and solid bass. Raw, rowdy hard rock perfect for a wide range of edgy productions and scenes, including action, sports, reality shows, commercials, chases.
Keywords: Aggressive, Angry, Bold, Booming, Confident, Confrontational, Crazy, Dangerous, Edgy, Fiery, Forceful, Gritty, Heavy, Intense, Jack White, Loud, Powerful, Pushy, Raw, Rebellious, Retro, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Wicked, action, adrenaline, big, cool, determined, driving, energetic, frantic, garage, gritty, hard, hard rock, heavy, indie, neo blues rock, pounding, powerful, raw, rowdy, sloppy, wild, medium tempo
Bright White Light (remix) by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
Fantastic, very emotionally uplifting and positive pop rock track in the vein of Coldplay or Kings of Leon. Big drums, solid bass, beautiful piano and shimmering guitars and strings. Universally appealing modern track great for TV-series, reality, documentaries, commercials, corporate uses.
Keywords: 21st century, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, TV, achievement, alternative, bass guitar, big, bright, commercial, confident, corporate, determined, discovery, dramatic, dreamy, drums, electric guitar, emotional, energetic, epic, film, free, freedom, grand, happy, inspirational, inspiring, intense, joyful, larger-than-life, lively, modern, motivational, movie, piano, pop, pop rock, positive, pounding, powerful, proud, rock, soaring, success, success story, successful, triumphant, twenty-something, uplifting, medium tempo
Goodbye Gravity by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
A fresh, positive, upbeat and driving pop rock instrumental with a modern feel, like John Mayer or Kings of Leon. Cool guitar arpeggios, a steady bass and catchy drums lays the groove in this uplifting piece of pop. Would fit drama, lifestyle shows, reality, branding, commercials or corporate uses.
Keywords: Bright, Coldplay, Corporate, Documentary, Emotional, Energetic, Fresh, Happy, John Mayer, Kings of Leon, Motivational, Moving, Optimistic, Playful, Positive, Powerful, Snowpatrol, Successful, The Killers, Triumphant, U2, Uplifting, Warm, achievement, beautiful, brand, branding, contepmorary, corporate, credits, determined, documentary, dreams, emotion, emotional, energizing, exciting, happy, hopeful, joyful, love, movie, moving, optimistic, positive, successful, trailer, uplifting, warm, youthful, medium tempo
Hearts On Fire by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
An uplifting and emotional explosion of U2 and Coldplay-inspired modern pop rock that aims straight for the heart. Soaring guitars, shimmering strings, a driving rhythm section and cool synths evokes an urgent sense of triumph, happiness and motivation. The euphoric last chorus lifts it even higher.
Keywords: 21st century, Anthemic, Coldplay, Emotional, Energizing, Epic, Modern, Motivational, Mylo Xyloto, Positive, Powerful, Soaring, U2, Uplifting, achievement, adventurous, anthem, bass, big, bright, dramatic, drums, emotive, grand, guitar, guitars, happiness, happy, hopeful, huge, inspirational, inspiring, joyful, larger-than-life, optimistic, pop/rock, proud, soaring, stadium, success, success story, successful, synths, team spirit, the edge, triumphant, uplift, winner, winning, medium tempo
Hope Renewed by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
A great, positive, uplifting pop rock instrumental ala U2 or Kings of Leon that inspires feelings of freedom, hope and happiness. Piano, electric guitars, drums and bass backed up by majestic french horns creates a triumphant, uplifting sound full of emotion. Drama, movies, TV, Video, documentaries.
Keywords: Anticipating, Climactic, Coldplay, Emotional, Epic, Excited, Free, Happy, Heroic, High Energy, Hopeful, Inspiring, Larger Than Life, Lively, Majestic, Motivational, Optimistic, Powerful, Soaring, Sports, Stories, Success, Successful, The Killers, Touching, Triumphant, U2, Uplifting, Victorious, achieve, achievement, anthem, anthemic, bass guitar, big, bright, discovery, driving, drums, electric guitar, flying, french horns, high tech, huge, inspirational, passionate, proud, victory, winner, winning
Dragstrip Burnout by Julian Angel

Artist/Composer:Julian Angel
Heavy modern rock in the vein of Velvet Revolver with a powerful guitar riff and fast pounding drums. Features melodic bridge sections and a wild guitar solo during the final run.
Keywords: fast, powerful, aggressive, dragster, drag race, racing, hard rock, car crash, extreme sports, chase, waterskiing, downhill, nascar, indy 500, formula 1, waterslide, biker, motorcycles, bikes, biker gangs, chopper, sturgis, daytona, route 66, rambling, roadhouse
Exotic Metal by Julian Angel

Artist/Composer:Julian Angel
Midtempo Hard Rock / Heavy Metal with a driving beat and oriental faux-sitar melodies.
Keywords: wrestling, entrance theme, fighting, egyptian, hard, driving, dark, powerful, martial arts, menacing, phrygian scale, harmonic minor, oriental
Madman by Julian Angel

Artist/Composer:Julian Angel
Classic Heavy Metal in the vein of early Black Sabbath with guitar / bass riffs played in unison and occasional harmony guitars.
Keywords: clumsy, midtempo, hard, rock, bold, 70s, fighter, wrestling, motorcycles, bikers, biker gangs, rebellious, raw, tough, male, brotherhood, beer, alcohol
Son Of Shocker by Julian Angel

Artist/Composer:Julian Angel
1980s styled dark Heavy Metal with exotic lead guitars. Features double bass drums, phrygian guitar riffs, harmony lead guitars.
Keywords: horror title theme, horror, scary, shocking, driving, consistent, mechanical, splatter, monsters, halloween, oriental, hard, fighting, wrestling, entrance music, opening credits, sinister, menacing, Dokken, Ratt
Transvision by Julian Angel

Artist/Composer:Julian Angel
Uptempo Industrial Metal / Rock with a triplet feel, modern low-tuned guitars and various synth fills. Reminiscent of the style of Marilyn Manson and Rammstein.
Keywords: driving, powerful, strong, hard, heavy, monster trucks, racing, truck, wrestling, fighting, boxing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, gym, tattoo, piercing, body modification, fetish, black, dark, menacing, hooligan, motors, cars, headbanging
ZZ Steel by Julian Angel

Artist/Composer:Julian Angel
Heavy Rock with bluesy undertones and a triplet feel in the style of classic ZZ Top. Features dark distorted guitars, hamond organ and lead fills.
Keywords: shuffle, blues, rock, biker, biker gangs, motorcycles, chopper, hog, sturgis, daytona, bikes, harley, chrome, leather, gasoline, tavern, bar, pool hall, brawl, smoking, beer, whiskey, fighting, driving, riding, renegade, outlaw, ZZ Top, Deep Purple
Between Worlds by Jameson Nathan Jones

Artist/Composer:Jameson Nathan Jones
The versatility of the synthesizer on full display. Multiple layers create depth and motion. A pan flute solo soars at the beginning and returns at the end. The driving drum kit provides a straight-forward rock feel.
Keywords: synth, flute, drums, rock, heavy, aggressive, powerful, rhythmic, driving
Indulgence by Jameson Nathan Jones

Artist/Composer:Jameson Nathan Jones
An aggressive, driving rock track. Overdriven guitars, grinding bass, and pounding drums drive this hard-charging groove.
Keywords: electric guitar, bass, drums, driving, aggressive, pounding, rock, energetic, upbeat
Fuzz Monster by Robert Wayne Johnson

Artist/Composer:Robert Wayne Johnson
A hip and gritty garage rock track with a face-melting bass riff and big shuffling beat. Sounds a bit like The Black Keys, Muse and Gary Glitter. A perfect track for adding an ultra cool vibe to your production! Buddy movie, rom-com, urban angst, film opening, nostalgic.
Keywords: Blues Rock Punk Rock 1960's Garage Rock Raw Lo-Fi Hipster Booker T. & The M. G. S the Sonics the Lyres the Fuzztones Jet the Yardbirds Led Zeppelin
Stereovision by Robert Wayne Johnson

Artist/Composer:Robert Wayne Johnson
Indie rock track with a hip and edgy sound. Steady, cool, hypnotic and uplifting. Perfect underscore to add an edgy excitement to your production. Great for radio and TV commercials, documentaries and reality TV shows.
Keywords: Indie Pop The Strokes Bloc Party Foster The People Los Campesinos Peter Bjorn and John Scenester Hipster alternative rock The Brooklyn Sound
Troublemaker by Robert Wayne Johnson

Artist/Composer:Robert Wayne Johnson
Ultra cool garage rock track with a big catchy guitar riff and a rockin' retro drum beat. Perfect music for adding an edgy and hip vibe to your production. Buddy movie, rom-com, TV commercial, movie trailer, film opening, neo-60s, nostalgic.
Keywords: Lo-Fi hipster alternative rock Pulp Fiction garage rock groovy powerful fiery hard-driving sports news chases frat parties fast cars smokey bars gritty bluesy The Black Keys T-Rex
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