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TV and Film Composer Kevin Packard covers all the bases of emotion from magical and fantastical, to creepy and spooky to dramatic underscoring to chase scenes.  Some of his tracks sound perfect for replacing a Danny Elfman cue, others sound destined for use in a television 30 second spot for Home Depot or something.

All of these tracks are available for instant download and have been pre-cleared and royalty free for your use.

Check out all of Kevin’s eclectic and exciting catalog.

Here’s a few of my favorites off the top.

Chaser – Hard edged and driving, but with elements of beauty, this pulsating contemporary electronic instrumental is perfect for Xtreme Sports, Ski Movie, X Games, Fashion, Racing, or Crime Drama, Getaway, Chase Scene, Movie Theme, Trailer, Credits

Alice’s Dream – Danny Elfman ish eerie waltz. Starts off with vocalese and harmonium and gradually adds orchestral and electronic elements as it builds in intensity. Great for Christmas scene with elves or any magical Tim burton ish type of scene.

Lawn Jockey 30¬†– quirky instrumental with acoustic guitar and accordion as the featured voices adding bass and a good drumbeat. Would make a great companion to a quirky, humorous spot. Anything from Lawn Doctor to kid’s energy bars to vacation fun

Onward – Ethereal beginning with acoustic guitar and piano gives this reaffirming instrumental track a feeling of beginning, like the start of a new day or beginning of a journey. Great for show intro, family drama, youth drama, self awareness. historical exploration documentary, biography .

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