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On the Verge of Battle by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
Epic action at hand! A cinematic, building, very rhythmic orchestral track that starts ominously with bass, horns and percussion and build up to a more intense section with a full orchestra. Great buildup and many different energy levels. Great for scenes leading to battle or other action or adventure scenes.
Keywords: Dark, Determined, Dramatic, Epic, Forceful, Intense, Dangerous, Majestic, Brave, Tension, Energetic, Powerful, Rhythmic, Dynamic, Heroic, Menacing, Foreboding, Adventurous, Escalating, Building, action, cello, timpani, orchestral, hans zimmer, james horner, howard shore, trailer, cinematic, tense, tension, ominous, foreboding, heroic, fight, fighting, battle, war
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