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Loving that Bug by The Slanted Room

Artist/Composer:The Slanted Room
Piano Bass and Drums make a clean, jazzy, upbeat and happy catchy theme. Saxophone takes the melody in the middle before handing off back to the piano and joining together for a comlete finale.
Keywords: documentary, wild life, mellow, melancholy, uplifting, reflecting, thinking, wishing, dreaming, dreams, goals, achievement, heart, warming, tv, film, documentary, background, history, background, rgp, game, inspirational, modern music, movie, commercial, advertising, broadcast, sports, light hearted, news, news reel, relaxing, the slanted room, steven yee, documentary, fiction, beginning, credits, blissful, dream, organic, uplifting, empowering, enlightenment, religious, theme song, background music, fusion, swing, smooth, silly, serene, flowing, happy, pop, food, company, advertisement, radio, fox, sports, health, life, style, new, nostalgic, outgoing, smooth, jazzy, jazz fusion, trio, lounge, melodic, keys, piano, grand piano, pianist, saxophone, band, live music
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