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Hungry Ghosts by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
A percussive, action/thriller track that would be perfect for a movie trailer, movie, or television scenes involving espionage, spys, abduction, rescue, war, military, crime, tribal and psychological conflict. Would also work well for an edgy advertisement.
Keywords: percussive, edgy, intense, aggressive, gripping, climatic, anxious, dramatic, suspenseful, bold, forceful, dangerous, powerful, stirring, emotional, strong, thrilling, tense, exciting, rhythmic, apprehensive, programmatic, rousing, pulsing, psychological, evocative, captivating, confident, determined, driving, heavy, ominous, poignant, suspense, anticipating, changing, progressing, moving, twisting, turning, advancing, approaching, reaching, developing, dark, foreboding, tension, riveting, scary, horror,
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