It is a rather ironic fact that my son is terrified of movies.  How did this happen?  I who score films (and theater and commercials and websites, etc) have a son that won’t come near the studio door when a film is in production!  My wife and I had to practically tie him down just to watch Madagascar (which we loved) and he did giggle but would run from the room the moment the tension came in.  And that tension came from…the music.

I came across a well written

It is alive...

overview of horror films that discuses the many ways filmmakers use to terrify their audiences.  Of course, music is one of the main tools.

Below is the trailer to the Blair Witch Project, which of course, uses sound design and music to freak you out.

And if you’re looking for someone to score your horror flick, I highly recommend our scariest monk, Marinho Nobre.  Dark and spooky, but a consummate professional- award-winning too.

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