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Hell Rider by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
A brawny and rebellious blues/rock track in the style of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club that has a lot of attitude and spirit. Would work well for scenes with motorcycles, bikers, gangs, cars, garages, road trips, streets, extreme sports and adventure.. Also a great track for an advertisement, commercial or promo.
Keywords: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, brawny, rebellious, tough, grittiness, attitude, motorcycles, garages, confrontational, disruptive, defiant, hardened, brave, aggressive, gritty, bold, threatening, hard, unruly, anarchy, adventurous, combative, free, outgoing, rugged, riotous, vigorous, angry, solid, energizing, contentious, anarchistic, driving, street smart, encroaching, rousing, moving, riding, grooving, rebel, thrilling, turbulent, obstinate, warring, motoring, hitchhiking, rolling, confident, hardy, achievement, motivational, purposeful, spirited, enthusiastic, expressive, inspiring, guitars, bass, drums, street, driving, traffic, automobile, car,
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