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Here at the Ear Inn after show for a much needed drink. (L-R: Writer Sammy Buck, Composer Andrew Ingkavet, Writer Cheryl Davis – some of the participating artists in RIMT19 – photo by Composer Dan Acquisto -hear his work in the upcoming RIMT21 )

We survived and even prospered – the 19th Raw Impressions Music Theater event has ended. But wait there’s more this weekend and next with whole new teams of composers, writers, performers and directors creating new 10 minute musicals.

As I said in my previous post, I find the act of creating fast and furious to be exhilirating, freeing and inspiring. Highly recommend it as a creator and an audience member.

Oh, and our theme was Grifters, Drifters and Hustlers – not that these fine folks are in anyway…not to besmirch their characters.

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