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Having a piece of background music for your podcast helps you to communicate professionalism and give you another way of showing your brand.  Music has the ability to give the feel of your brand rather than just the logo.

Here’s 20 great ideas for great music to use in your podcast openers and stings.

  1. Big Dipper – Conservative.  Upbeat, melodic piano instrumental with electronic elements that give it a mystical and spacey sound.  By Robert Wayne Johnson
  2. Biker Punks – In Your Face. Fast, rocking, punk, guitars with great upbeat hooks. Perfect for a sports or high energy corporate presentation. By Robert Wayne Johnson
  3. Explodopop – Energetic.  Great drums on an alt rocking track.  By Tom Curiano.
  4. High Velocity – Technology.  Upbeat yet urgent, pulsing, electronic orchestral. Exciting for a chase scene without the dark tinge of so many electronica pieces. Maybe useful for a commercial – think Jason Bourne chasing someone whilst wearing his $100,000 watch.  By Doug Sparling.
  5. New Dawn – A Powerful and inspiring rock track with layered guitars that create a passionate feel. Great for many different projects.  By Dan Phillipson.
  6. An Upbeat Country Diddy – Americana, Down Home, Backyard, Country Living, Lifestyle.   A great acoustic country hoedown. Short and sweet and perfect for a television intro, podcast intro music or website.  By Mike Stidolph.
  7. American Reject – Quirky, modern pop rock that starts with a light and humorous vibe that leads into a big, rocking chorus.  By Robert Wayne Johnson.
  8. Best Years of Our Lives – Instrumental. Bouncy, optimistic, bright, happy mellow rock with piano. Folky, fun and perfect for a commercial.
  9. Happy Cars – Bouncy!  I always thought this would be great for a weather/traffic report or a return from the commercial sting.  By Rob Hann.
  10. Hoodoo Barbecue. Fun and retro.  Rootsy, old time, guitar driven rock ‘n roll. Sounds like Bo Diddley.  By Robert Wayne Johnson.
  11. Amazon Hunt 1 – Looking for a jungle motif?  The next Steve Irwin?  Aggressive, Energetic, Ritual and Sacral For Film and TV Ethno drums , jungle voices , flutes
  12. Ingka – Jazzy and bluesy.  Swinging, popping and grooving. Composer: Andrew Ingkavet
  13. Phi – Technology.   An upbeat tempo with a distinctly technical sound mixed with good old bluesy funk on fender rhodes, acoustic bass and some hot loops.
  14. Signal 8 – Technology and Pharmaceuticals.  Smooth, organic yet pointy. This piece may work well for pharmaceutical, technology and other business presentations.
  15. Bitstream – Technology, Finance.  Sounds like Moby.
  16. Crazy Techno – Technology, Entertainment.  Like the title says.  Upbeat!
  17. I Drink The Sunshine – Technology, Art, Entertainment.  Very cool.
  18. Current Affairs – Technology, News, Science, Entertainment.
  19. Dinner With Dave – Retro, Funny, Old Fashioned, Silent Film, Newsreel.  This is a great solo piano piece.
  20. Macondo.  Latino.  Energetic, bouncy, short, horns with percussion.

And you can always just search royalty free music using keywords here.

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