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If you’re developing a site in Flash or even just a banner or header, here’s some helpful free actionscripts to add background music to your site.  As you probably already know, using music on the Flash timeline makes a very large Flash file.  This method allows you to have an MP3 sitting on your server (not embedded into the Flash) and loads separately almost instantly as it is streaming.

And if you need some ambient music to try it out with, I’ll send you a free sample.  I’ll also send you a link to a great example of ambient background sounds in Flash.

Get Free Background Music

Just fill out your name and email here and I’ll send you a link. Don’t worry, we absolutely abhor SPAM and promise not to sell or share your name with anyone else. Ever!

Here’s the free music codes for flash.

Add these to the first frame of your Flash movie.

For Actionscript 2

var ambience:Sound= new Sound();
ambience.loadSound(“trackname.mp3”, true);

For Actionscript 3

var Ambience:Sound = new Sound();
Ambience.load(new URLRequest(“trackname.mp3”));,10);

Hope this helps,

The Head Monk

Download preview Track Length: 00:00

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