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Flirting montage by Maria Grigoryeva

Artist/Composer:Maria Grigoryeva
This syncopated instrumental track with the string orchestra and light woodwinds like flute and clarinet sets the mood of happiness and fun. Its positive and funny vibe can ideally support comedies, especially love scenes or become a perfect background for advertisements. Purely orchestral recording, no electronics or drums.
Keywords: instrumental background, string ensemble, chamber orchestra, positive, cinematic, pop, uplifting, Comedy / Family, Funny, fun, happy, cheerful, woodwinds, montage scene, flirting, love scene, humor, vibrant, beautiful, underscore, enthusiastic, melodic, light, syncopated, soundtrack, corporate, peaceful, quirky, fast, moving forward, film cue, bouncy, captivating, encouraging, groovy, intelligent, advertising project, storytelling, live recording, business
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