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Tom Curiano

Tom Curiano

Name: Tom Curiano

Location: New York City


Style of Music: ALL

Composer, Producer, Artist – How do you define yourself?

Eclectic and passionate.

How long working as professional?

25 years

What was your best professional experience?

Performing at the Cannes film festival.


it’s all good.

What instruments do you play?

drums. percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards, banjo, ukelele.

What do you think is the future of music and media as a business? An art?

As an art form it’s everlasting. Don’t much care about the rest.

Who are your heroes?

I have no heroes.

Musical influences?

too many to list

Other influences?

too many to list

What’s a surprising, little known fact about you?

I once drove a Smart car up the Simplon pass in Switzerland in a blizzard.

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