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Finding Your Royalty Free Music

You can either Browse for Music by Using The Navigation Menu – Or you can Search For Music (more on this below).

 check iconBrowsing Through Navigation Menu


If you look up at the new Top Nav Bar (drum roll please), you can see that there’s handy pulldown menus to browse through our music categories:

a) Browse Music By Genre

This is the fancy name music programmers (and the Head Monk) use for style as in like Rock or Hip-Hop or Country etc.

b) Browse Music By Mood

This is like how filmmakers think when they’re setting a scene.  Or like when you’re searching for a movie to watch at Netflix or iTunes, things like Action-Adventure or Horror or Romantic Comedy.  Some of us monks think it would be cool if you could put Horror music to a Romantic Comedy!

c) Browse Music By Setting

This is describing what type of project you are working on such as a Wedding Video or a Documentary or a Trailer.  Did you know that Book Authors are making trailers all the time now?  That’s nifty!

search royalty free music iconSearch For Music

There’s actually 2 search engines on this site.  One is up to your right on the top of the site.  This one is an overall site search.  You can type in band names or songs or moods to get these kind of results:

Coldplay (

Lady Gaga

or a famous piece like Ride of the Valkyries.

Product Specific Search

The following Search Box is specific to the product catalog.  This can be useful in finding the track you previously downloaded and you only have the name of the file.

download free preview music iconDownload a Preview File

After you find a track or many soundtracks that you like, you can easily download a preview file to try out in your project.  This way you can really sense if it’s working and even show it to your client, producer, mother, significant other or even your cat.

Here’s what our tracks look like in the store.  See the download link?


Artist/Composer: John Herberman
Reflective and introspective piano. Simple, clear and memorable melody that tugs at the heart in an understated manner. Excellent for extended scene without dialogue or as a principal theme. A version with strings is also available that can be cut in and out, as the string entries and exits are orchestrated to be easily editable. Good for romance, drama, TV/feature film.

KEYWORDS:love story, romance, drama, sad, lonely, alone, melody, piano, strings, theme, introspective

Price: $267.00
Price: $47.00
Select Usage for Price :


Select Usage of Royalty Free Music icon Select Usage

After you have finalized your music choice, come back to the site and purchase the license for the use you need.  There’s a handy dropdown menu that you can use and it updates the price as you select.  If you need a fast way to find your track again, type in the name of the preview file you downloaded.  For example:  GeoffreyWilson5 or jean_paul_zoghbi30.

Select How You Will Use Your Music




Pay for your music license icon


We use both PayPal and 2Checkout to process payments.  You can choose either one.  After checkout you will be returned to the 300 Monks site for a download link.  You will also receive a link in your email that is valid for up to 48 hours.


A Note About Errors in the Music Categories

Now we did a lot of work, but still the Head Monk has been hitting some of us poor lads with his stick and yelling “This is in the wrong category!”  Yes, we know, very un-mindful of him to be yelling and hitting us with a stick!  But it was just a light bamboo one.  Anyway, there will be times when music is in the wrong place, and we’d appreciate it if you told us.  We may even be able to send you a little gift or reward for doing so.  Just don’t bother the Head Monk.  Send it to us regular brother monks (and sisters) here:  errors (at)  – That’s of course the @ sign.  We did that so the spam robots wouldn’t deluge us with junk mail.




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