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Core of Fortitude by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
A dramatic, uplifting and triumphant orchestral cue that conveys determination, inspiration and regality. Would work well for documentaries, corporate applications, commercials, advertisements and a broad range of dramtic and adventure scenes.
Keywords: orchestral, uplifting, triumphant, heroic, intrepid, corporate, successful, regal, business, corporation, empowering, success, achievement, determined, confident, brave, inspirational, bold, glorious, victorious, powerful, proud, strong, noble, stately, serious, magnificent, inspiring, reverent, steady, cinematic, epic, excellent, motivational, dynamic, moving, assured, certain, poised, secure, expectant, legitimate, tactful, diplomatic, decided, purposeful, unwavering, poignant, emotional, adventurous,
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