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As a composer, I really got a kick out of this commercial spot for Lipton Yellow Label Tea which shows how a composer, a very famous one, creates the music for a major pop culture event: Mission Impossible.   The music has lasted for decades since the television series and then with the movie remakes with a bonafide star Tom Cruise.

Check it out.  I wish I had a room where these players would drop from suspension wires whenever I needed them!

Interesting how infectious that theme is and how it has lasted the test of time – mainly because of that cool rhythm.  Could it be Lalo Schifrin‘s Argentinian upbringing?  Tango anyone?

And yes, the tea does things for me, though I prefer the pearl jasmine tea I get down in Chinatown at $100 per pound.  Man!  Just talking about makes me want to go brew a pot!



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