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Writing music for use in production music libraries like the one here at 300 Monks, is another revenue stream for composers.  While it may not be a full time gig for many, it can add many tentacles into the new world of online marketing.  You see, Google and the other search engines need to have a steady stream of links pointing at you and your work as a Composer, Music Producer, Artist or combination of the above.  By placing more of your work representing you into the online world, you have more presence.  Somewhere I read an article about how Google is now really an online “reputation manager.”  Your presence online needs to be managed.  You could be shocked at how your past life online comes to haunt you in the future.  Or…you could have virtually no presence at all.   If you’re trying to hide under a rock, then that may be fine, but not so good, if you are trying to negotiate the composer gig on a hot new film – or any job for that matter.

Having your music placed in one or several production music libraries can definitely raise your profile.  But you need to think about how you are doing this.

Brian has posted an interesting article that outlines very well the process of writing music that sells for production music libraries including some tips and tricks on getting it to sell.

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