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Colin joined the “monk-hood” about 4 years ago and his music features  a television theme bent.



London, UK

Style of Music:

Capable in all genres but specialising in TV Themes.

Album links:

Barring a, now rather dated new-age album, none to speak of but I have contributed to many of the big (and not so big) production music libraries, such as KPM Music, Standard Music, Stock Music International and Sonoton.

Composer, Producer, Artist – How do you define yourself?

TV music composer.

Awards and Professional Highlights?

Numerous network TV commissions for ITV and BBC, including the wartime documentary “The Guernica Children” (BBC) which won a Royal Television Society award in 2008.

How long working as professional?

Since 1992 (Is it really that long?)

What was your best professional experience?

Attending the dub for “The Guernica Children” at The Farm Studios in London, with a BAFTA award-winning dubbing engineer – first class! Then seeing and hearing it on the big screen when it toured the cinemas.


A few, mostly involving last minute, project-ruining decisions by Commissioning or Advertising Executives who have little understanding of the music production process. Grrr…

What instruments do you play?

Mainly piano/keyboards but also saxophones and a little guitar – not a ‘little’ guitar necessarily, any guitar will do!  I played trombone as a child but I try to forget that and it still haunts my parents.

What do you think is the future of music and media as a business?  An art?

Don’t get me started!

Who are your heroes?

My dad.

Musical influences?

I do like my jazz but there is rarely much opportunity to incorporate it into my TV work. Harry-Connick Jnr. is a firm favourite along with the work of Quincy Jones. I’ve also just been to a concert by saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, accompanied by the most perfect string quartet I have ever heard. The man is a musical chameleon if ever there was one and a genius to boot,

Other influences?

A generous dose of alcohol ;o)   No, not really, more like tea for me.

What’s a surprising, little known fact about you?

I have been known to compose naked. There’s no time to dress when a great idea strikes!


Colin Willsher is one of 300 Monks, creating original music for film, television, websites, and more.  You can license Colin’s music in our online production music library or contact us to arrange an edit or a custom score.

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