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Close Encounter by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
A hi-tech, minimalistic, atmospheric 60 second spot that would work well in technology, science fiction, space, future fantasy and science scenes as well as in commercials, advertisements and corporate and industrial applications.

Keywords: hi-tech, minimalistic, technology, atmospheric, science fiction, space, science, commercial, ad, alien, UFO, robot, ethereal, ambient, futuristic, calm, textural, light, post modern, intelligent, wondrous, sublime, discovery, machine, robot, android, computer, contemplative, dreamy, celestial, reflective, hypnotic, mystical, heavenly, strange, different, mysterious, thoughtful, beautiful, meaningful, enchanted, transfixing, hypnotizing, mesmerizing, sun, moon, automation, machine, architecture, stars, planets, galaxy, nova, solar system, comet, satellite, spacecraft, milky way, rocket,
Price: $267.00
Price: $47.00
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