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Cinematic Acoustic Guitar Bed #1 by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
Tranquil, reflective and meditative acoustic guitar track with a huge, ambient cinematic sound. Slow, fingerpicked guitar with lots of breaks and air, that lets the track breathe. Great soundtrack for anything nature related, dramas, adventures and documentaries.
Keywords: acoustic, guitar, ambient, cinematic, soundtrack, reflective, meditative, tranquil, emotional, nature, drama, calm, contemplative, light, magical, mystical, huge, big, vast, eternal, reverb, spacious, touching, emotive, peaceful, positive, discovery, dramatic, dreamy, epic, hopeful, inspirational, serene, mountains, plains, movie, film, film music, score, space, documentary, deep, thoughtful, fret noise, acoustic guitar, bed, underscore, background music, background, slow tempo
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