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11 Hit Ballads and Pop Anthems – Royalty Free

These are all gems and sound straight from the Billboard Hot 100. Fans of Glee and the silky smooth vocals of Lea Michele will love Stephanie Duran who performs 10 of these tracks by Craig Neil.


And Then I Saw You _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Beautiful slow pop ballad that sounds like Barbara Streisand. Music with lyrics.

When She Sings _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Slow, medium tempo Pop ballad with great female singer who sounds a bit like Lea Michele that girl from Glee.

Your Way _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Slow, romantic, love ballad with female vocals.

Angels Wings _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Broke _ Performed by Paul Del Lago

Acoustic jazz with male vocal. Warm, fun, gentle swing with an old time feel. Song about relationship and being broke in heart and soul and dollars!

Broke _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

A reflective song about a relationship that’s gone bad – broke in heart, soul and dollars. There’s another version with a jazzy acoustic arrangement with a male vocal.

Everytime I Go Away _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Forever Love _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Great vocal harmonies – pop acappella ballad that works great for a wedding video.

I Will Pray _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Pop ballad with female vocals.

The Winter _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Powerful, dramatic pop ballad with female vocals.

There He Goes Again _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Funny gentle song with female vocals and luscious harmonies about Grandpa and his idiosyncracies.

How to find great music for a wedding video?

We have a few places we like to go first for great passionate music in a wedding video.

Underscore for a Romantic Comedy – many of these tracks can be useful.  Some are more cinematic than others but depending on your film, you usually need some drama.

Love and Passionate music – these will certainly work for the big kiss or the montage of the family.

Wedding Films Music – very specific

Cinematic Action and Drama – These are useful when you need to open with a bang or have a real dramatic arc from action/suspense to the romantic coupling.

And here’s some really cool soundtracks we love and how we’d use them in a wedding film.

  1. Come On – By Marco Ricciardi – Action montage of fast-forward video of the big day preparation.  Or how about the tuxedo fittings for the guys?
  2. Dual Quads by Robert Wayne Johnson – Again, high energy track for perhaps a montage of the events leading up to the ceremony.
  3. Chevauche – by Jerome Lamasset – background lounge music when the couple describes their first romantic date.
  4. Cha Cha Cha – by Alex Khaskin – a very humorous piece of music that evokes couples dancing, quirkiness and a bit of the MadMen 1950’s vibe.  Use this for the comedic sequence leading up to how the families got together, or the bloopers reel or even the credit sequence.
  5. Just When I Had Given Up On Men – by Jeneen Terrana – a love song from the Bride’s point of view.  How the couple met.   She was swept off her feet!
  6. Crazy Swedes by Colin Willsher- this is so funny.  Great for use under the montage showing the quirky strange relatives of the groom?
  7. Beethoven’s Minuet in G Major – a solo piano piece.  Use this for a wide panning shot of the beautiful gardens reserved for the wedding.
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