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New site design from Sweden & Poland.

We’ve been feeling quite Nordic and Northern European lately.  So, besides IKEA, meatballs and lots of snow, we’ve imported some design chops from Sweden and Poland this month.  Thanks to Goran Billingskog for generally cleaning things up visually and wonderful work on code from Robert Filipczyk .

So tack and dzięki in Swedish and Polish!

Welcome to our new digs

For so long we’ve suffered with a less than optimally designed website.  Now, thanks to some kind-hearted elves, we’ve awoken to a beautiful new home online.  Take a look around, let us know if you find any bugs and please tell us how we can make things better for you.

You can send an email to me directly to [ andrew(at)300monks(d0t)com]

MTV used to actually play music…really

As a former MTV VJ (one of first 3 VJs for MTV-Asia), it’s astounding to me how MTV has become so irrelevant to the world of music.  It’s used to be the thing,(really!)  I tell teenagers today as they roll their eyes in that oh so multi-tasking way,  twittering their thumbs, heads nodding white earbuds half-engaged.

One of these days I’ll get around to digitizing and uploading some of my old VJ stuff.  And before that, I used to actually write the scripts for MTV Headbangers Ball.  Okay that was a long, long time ago…

The economists/journalists at Freakonomics have also noticed the irrelevance of MTV and the rise of YouTube.

And here’s a pic William posted of me on my Facebook account and shocked the heck out me.

William Howell, Andrew Ingkavet, Carol Donovan (MTV)

William Howell, the future head monk Andrew Ingkavet, Carol Donovan (MTV) at Foundations Forum 1988 in LA. You know hair bands were all the rage, right?

Eclectic, passionate, composer and musician Tom Curiano

Tom Curiano

Tom Curiano

Name: Tom Curiano

Location: New York City


Style of Music: ALL

Composer, Producer, Artist – How do you define yourself?

Eclectic and passionate.

How long working as professional?

25 years

What was your best professional experience?

Performing at the Cannes film festival.


it’s all good.

What instruments do you play?

drums. percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards, banjo, ukelele.

What do you think is the future of music and media as a business? An art?

As an art form it’s everlasting. Don’t much care about the rest.

Who are your heroes?

I have no heroes.

Musical influences?

too many to list

Other influences?

too many to list

What’s a surprising, little known fact about you?

I once drove a Smart car up the Simplon pass in Switzerland in a blizzard.

Knowing leads box office weekend

The Alex Proyas-directed, Marco Beltrami-scored film led the pack this past weekend.

Top Ten Box Office Films by Composer

  1. Marco Beltrami Knowing
  2. Theodore ShapiroI Love You Man
  3. James Newton Howard – Duplicity
  4. Trevor Rabin – Race to Witch Mountain
  5. Tyler Bates – Watchmen
  6. John Murphy – The Last House On The Left
  7. Nathaniel Mechaly – Taken
  8. A.R. Rahman – Slumdog Millionaire – ACADEMY AWARD FOR BEST SCORE (+ song too!)
  9. n/a________-Madea Goes To Jail
  10. Bruno Coulais +  They Might Be Giants – Coraline

Download preview Track Length: 00:00

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