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Pop songs wanted for use in television, film, web and more

Are you an artist that sounds like what’s on the radio right now?  Want to know a huge secret to making money from your tracks?
Every single day, our clients are looking for current, hip sounding pop songs…but with a catch.  They only want the background tracks – no vocals or lyrics.  Why?  Because they’re going to use it for the background of a commercial or a promo or a website etc.  It pays well and you can still use your tracks for your artist career.  So, it’s like having 2 sources of income from one catalog of music.

Of course, you need to own all the rights to the songs and it can’t have any uncleared samples.  And you get 50% of synchronization fees, keep all your performance royalties (100%) and keep all your own publishing.

At the moment, we’re in need of songs and tracks that sound like Pink, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Britney Spears etc.

If you have anything, there’s an excellent chance we can get it on television, in films, and more.  Get more details.

300 Monks Designs Music for Starburst and Johnson & Johnson

300 Monks Designs Music for Starburst and Johnson & Johnson
Tuesday July 1, 9:01 am ET


Audio agency translates marketing into designed soundtracks

NEW YORK, July 1 /PRNewswire/ — 300 Monks recently designed music and sound for Mars’ Starburst website launching in July. Working with ad agency Digitas, the project called for a “golden age of Hollywood” look and feel. Group Creative Director Billy Seabrook says, “Having worked with Head Monk Andrew Ingkavet back at FCBi, I was confident that he would understand the concept and sound direction and deliver quality work on time and within a tight budget.” Sound design featured the ambience of a large theater with curtains opening, film projectors starting up and theater ropes dropping. “It was a rewarding creative experience,” says Senior Content Integration Producer Eoin McGrath. “Against the back-drop of a limited budget and a break-neck production schedule, I got the impression Andrew and his team have the talent and the resourcefulness to turn their attention to any sound/music design project, no matter what the theme, the brand or the application.”

Another recent 300 Monks project was a reality television show aimed at doctors. Produced by DraftFCB and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, the show gave doctors a chance to “live in the skin” of their patients through the use of a special effects artist. 300 Monks started a creative discussion with tracks from their extensive library. The Head Monk explains, “Conversations about emotion can be very tricky as it is so abstract. We’ve developed a game of 20 questions to triangulate the exact corner of the musical universe.”

Initial music in the vein of smooth jazz, adult contemporary and Latin pop were deemed “too conventional” and discarded. In the end, the team opted for an alt rock sound for which 300 Monks provided multiple demo tracks to choose from. “Live In My Skin” will start airing this summer on the Physicians Television Network. “The advantage of working with 300 Monks,” says Associate Creative Director Jeff Yates, “is you have a wide range of composers with different specialties to choose from which makes for great speed and efficiency.”

About 300 Monks

300 Monks was founded by former agency Creative Director Andrew Ingkavet, who also has over 2 decades experience as a composer for film and theater. As Ingkavet began adding custom music as an added bonus for his advertising clients, he found it was almost always immediately accepted. Says Ingkavet, “Audio is so powerfully linked to the emotional centers of the brain. It’s like a direct line to your consumer. Having worked on both sides as Advertising Creative and Music Designer, I know exactly what is needed and how to get it from our global roster of talent. Designed Music(TM) is just that — it is structured to convey an exact emotion/story and live within the brand promise.”

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