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What is music?

What is this invisible thing called music?

“According to the ancient Indian thinkers there are three aspects of music: singing, playing and dancing.  All three represent tone in some form or other.  What is the effect of music?  The effect of music is to regulate the rhythm of another person and to tune a person to the music being performed.

What secret is there in music that attracts all those who listen to it?  It is the tone of that music that tunes a soul and raises it above the depression and despair of everyday life in this world.  If one knew what rhythm was needed for a particular individual in his trouble and despair, what tone was needed, and to what pitch that person’s soul should be raised, one would then be able to heal him with music…

There was a time in India when music was much used for healing.  It was used as healing for the mind, for the character, and for the soul, because it is health of the soul that brings health to the physical body. ” – Hazrat Inayat Khan, from The Music of Life.

I wish more filmmakers and advertising creatives would read this book by the great Sufi master as it contains so much deep thought about music and it’s effect on the soul.  After all, isn’t it the intention of media makers to communicate deeply with their audience?  Music is the key.

Brian Eno and the new U2 record

It’s been an incredibly busy week here at the hidden fortress of 300 monks.  And when all the work gets too crazy, I like to look for some inspiration.  Here’s one of those evergreen sources…Mr. Brian Eno.

“I’m very opinionated,” says Eno. “When I was at art college, the teachers who helped me were not the ones I agreed with, or the ones who encouraged me, but the ones who took very strong positions. Because if someone does that, you can find your own position in relation to it: what is it that I don’t agree with? In the studio I want to articulate a position clearly enough so that other people can use it – or chuck it away if they don’t want it.”

Brian Eno on U2 2009 at the Telegraph UK

So today’s takeaway – Have a strong point of view in all things creative.

Brian Eno on listening to music

“Cooking is a way of listening to the radio.” – Brian Eno.

I knew there was a reason I’ve been cooking so much!  And I thought it had something to do with being a Taurus.  Well what do I know about zodiacs anyway!

Derek Sivers (of CDBaby founding fame) has created a new site devoted to inspiring musical thoughts. He’s also gone further by having it translated into something like 9 languages.  Very cool.  Thanks Derek!

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