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Over 40 new soundtracks from composer Kevin Packard

TV and Film Composer Kevin Packard covers all the bases of emotion from magical and fantastical, to creepy and spooky to dramatic underscoring to chase scenes.  Some of his tracks sound perfect for replacing a Danny Elfman cue, others sound destined for use in a television 30 second spot for Home Depot or something.

All of these tracks are available for instant download and have been pre-cleared and royalty free for your use.

Check out all of Kevin’s eclectic and exciting catalog.

Here’s a few of my favorites off the top.

Chaser – Hard edged and driving, but with elements of beauty, this pulsating contemporary electronic instrumental is perfect for Xtreme Sports, Ski Movie, X Games, Fashion, Racing, or Crime Drama, Getaway, Chase Scene, Movie Theme, Trailer, Credits

Alice’s Dream – Danny Elfman ish eerie waltz. Starts off with vocalese and harmonium and gradually adds orchestral and electronic elements as it builds in intensity. Great for Christmas scene with elves or any magical Tim burton ish type of scene.

Lawn Jockey 30 – quirky instrumental with acoustic guitar and accordion as the featured voices adding bass and a good drumbeat. Would make a great companion to a quirky, humorous spot. Anything from Lawn Doctor to kid’s energy bars to vacation fun

Onward – Ethereal beginning with acoustic guitar and piano gives this reaffirming instrumental track a feeling of beginning, like the start of a new day or beginning of a journey. Great for show intro, family drama, youth drama, self awareness. historical exploration documentary, biography .

11 Hit Ballads and Pop Anthems – Royalty Free

These are all gems and sound straight from the Billboard Hot 100. Fans of Glee and the silky smooth vocals of Lea Michele will love Stephanie Duran who performs 10 of these tracks by Craig Neil.


And Then I Saw You _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Beautiful slow pop ballad that sounds like Barbara Streisand. Music with lyrics.

When She Sings _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Slow, medium tempo Pop ballad with great female singer who sounds a bit like Lea Michele that girl from Glee.

Your Way _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Slow, romantic, love ballad with female vocals.

Angels Wings _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Broke _ Performed by Paul Del Lago

Acoustic jazz with male vocal. Warm, fun, gentle swing with an old time feel. Song about relationship and being broke in heart and soul and dollars!

Broke _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

A reflective song about a relationship that’s gone bad – broke in heart, soul and dollars. There’s another version with a jazzy acoustic arrangement with a male vocal.

Everytime I Go Away _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Forever Love _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Great vocal harmonies – pop acappella ballad that works great for a wedding video.

I Will Pray _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Pop ballad with female vocals.

The Winter _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Powerful, dramatic pop ballad with female vocals.

There He Goes Again _ Performed by Stephanie Duran

Funny gentle song with female vocals and luscious harmonies about Grandpa and his idiosyncracies.

Crowdsourcing music for commercials

Technology just keeps changing the ways we do things! And now it’s crowdsourcing music for commercials.

This is cool. Musikpitch is a new site where advertisers can launch a contest and composers/songwriters/bands can then submit custom music for the project. The budget is clearly listed and MusikPitch keeps the publishing and administers the licensing.

Almost completely gone are the days when ad agencies would actually select a handful of music companies to exclusively work with on a project, award them demo fees and then final fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cool Commercial Shows How Composer Lalo Schifrin created Mission Impossible…Fantastically

As a composer, I really got a kick out of this commercial spot for Lipton Yellow Label Tea which shows how a composer, a very famous one, creates the music for a major pop culture event: Mission Impossible.   The music has lasted for decades since the television series and then with the movie remakes with a bonafide star Tom Cruise.

Check it out.  I wish I had a room where these players would drop from suspension wires whenever I needed them!

Interesting how infectious that theme is and how it has lasted the test of time – mainly because of that cool rhythm.  Could it be Lalo Schifrin‘s Argentinian upbringing?  Tango anyone?

And yes, the tea does things for me, though I prefer the pearl jasmine tea I get down in Chinatown at $100 per pound.  Man!  Just talking about makes me want to go brew a pot!



Music Creates Mood for Commercials

Have you ever tried to watch a video commercial or advertisement without music? If so, there are few things you may have thought: that it was different due to the silence yet you seemed to like it, or you didn’t care for it at all making it easy to go on with your daily activities never giving it a second thought as to what the commercial was even selling. Ninety five percent of the time the latter happens because music is almost a sure-fire way to create emotions and moods in video advertising.

When it comes to advertisements, music has the power to create better moods in video commercials, as well as to bring a more personal touch to these ads. As a result, it provides a better impact to their target audience, therefore effectively promoting products and services.

While visuals might be appealing to marketers’ target consumers, the use of music in video media advertising tends to create a more lasting impression in consumers’ minds, providing a great chance for companies to build positive brand or company images.

Setting the Mood

Simple video advertisements sometimes could set the proper ambiance when they are without music. Of course, there are some scenes which might be perfectly shot and produced, but music enhances this mood and ambiance in any video media, providing a great complement to these scenes and stamping a long-term impact in the audience’s minds.

Consider this situation: There is a video of a woman who seems to be standing in the middle of crowd. With the video alone, it doesn’t seem to mean anything. There is also a big chance that people would simply forget it, thinking that it is just some boring video. On the other hand, applying music in this advertisement would set a deeper mood – something that would connect better to the target audience. Slow music in this situation would set the mood of sadness, as if the woman is sadly waiting for somebody. On the other hand, upbeat music would set a more positive and outgoing mood, as if the woman would soon do something funny.

Suggesting the Right Emotions

The use of music in video commercials also hints what the audience or the target market should feel when they see these ads. Without music, people are sometimes confused as to how they should react to these ads. Music in video ads makes sure that your desired feelings are conveyed to your audience by suggesting certain emotions. It does not overly push the feeling towards your audience, but it acts as a way to make your audience think about what they should feel as suggested by the music. Music in video media ads, therefore, helps marketers and advertisers to somewhat help tell the target audience which kind of feelings should be felt in these video advertisements.

Evoking More Intense Emotions

Simple emotions found in scenes in video ads can be heightened further with the use of music. A scene of a sad woman would even be sadder with the right music, and can evoke more intense emotions to its viewers. Music can greatly affect the effectiveness of these video media ads because they can make the audience relate to a particular emotion or feeling. Affecting people’s emotions through music will make your advertised product, service or company to be related to a particular strong emotion, such as happy, uplifting, energetic or loving.

Catchy Tunes Tend to Leave Longer Lasting Impressions

Admit it – once in your life, you might have had some music stuck in your head because it was played in some video advertisement. Months or years later, you still remember that particular product, service or company whenever you hear the music. People tend to link music, brands and companies together, which just shows how effective music can be in video advertisements as compared to using only text or visuals. Video media advertising and commercials with music invest in long-term brand or company images in the consumer’s minds.

Video advertisements that tend to be the most effective, almost always balance between the use of audio and video. Music can enhance the audio, and it should offset the video to effectively relay the marketers’ desired messages to their particular audiences.

Some advertisements are better without music, but these are very rare and always depend from case to case. Most of the time, the best advertisements which leave lasting impressions are those with perfect mixtures of audio and video. The next time you watch a video advertisement, consider muting the audio. You will see a different message and effect as compared to watching it with the audio and music.

Follow this link to read actual statistics confirming these findings about video advertisement and video commercials.

Ann Rountre
Marketing Director
David Tower & Associates

Article Source:

30 new club, dance, electronica tracks and more from Jay Woods

Just posted 30 great new tracks from the UK’s Jay Woods.  Fabulous electronica stuff as well as some very quirky and cool hip/hop.  Some of our favorites include

Jazz and Rave – sort of like a Medeski Martin & Wood type thing or perhaps St Germain?

Deadly Germs – serious drum & bass with some funny vocal samples and a version with no vox.

Feeling Fine – Beatles- inspired pop piano in an electronica way.

Hope of Summer – Summery strings set against a laid-back hip-hop beat.

Acid Drop – Reggaeton!


Download preview Track Length: 00:00

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