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Modern Media Composer Sebastian Morawietz

Composer_Sebastian Morawietz
Name: Sebastian Morawietz
Location: Berlin (Germany)
Style of Music: Corporate, Production Music, Cinematic (Electro-Orchestral)

Composer, Producer, Artist – How do you define yourself?

Modern Media Composer. Definitely not as a film composer. I do a lot for corporate companies, image-films and such things. And I do work closely together with some publishers, where I release music exclusively for underscoring etc… . In the past I did also a lot of pure producing and arranging jobs, which I also quite enjoy, since it is great to collaborate with other talent. I guess I am spending enough time alone in my studio. way to much. 😉

How long working as professional?

I started in 1999 ‘professionally’ if you like. I was hired in a UK studio as an assistant engineer/ programmer, which really was a great time and experience. We actually did produce some No.1 Albums (UK/ Europa) and I am still kind of proud to credited on it. And so is my mother! But as much I enjoyed it, I always wanted to be a composer, not just editing other stuff and/ or playing on their records. And since I did have a proper classical training in piano and music theory, I really felt I can do it. Well – to make it short – I do was very optimistic at that time – but the reality is, there are also really many highly talented composers out there and it was extremely hard to pay the bills and keep it going. It kind of relaxed a bit now, having had some placements and build some professional connection.

What was your best professional experience?  Worst?

Really hard to tell. I really don’t know, honestly. I still did not had ‘THE’ best experience. there were surely some great surprising in the last years. Hey-  and a couple of great jobs I had came through Andrew and his 300 Monks company. Really fantastic. A DVD-Trailer and a Website Flash Intro. Sorry to drift off, but big thanks!  (see below for Sebastian’s Starburst music)
Worst? …  I though at least! – a great job. Worked Mon-Sunday…and the client, for whatever reason did not buy it. Frustrating! I guess every college student had at least a few of these experiences. You really have to love your job to keep going.

[flv:/flvs/Starburst_HistoryOfSharing.flv 500 400]

What instruments do you play?

My main instrument is the piano. I started when I was 5 or 6 and still think it is one of the most beautiful sounds. But  I admit I am also quite a technology guy and have invested in a lot of virtual instruments etc. My main tool for now over 10 years is Logic. I started with version 3 and I just love it. And it is scary to realize that I spend probably more time with it than with my girl-friend! 😉

What do you think is the future of music and media as a business?  An art?

Really difficult to answer. The business is changing a lot and I am worried that the value of music is declining in the future. all this file-sharing, flat-rates etc… will and already have an enormous impact and I do hope companies like BMI, PRS etc… do find good answers to earn money for their members. but how difficult it is was the last dispute with Youtube and PRS… . On the other hand I am a firm believer in quality and composers (etc…) how really put their passion, talent and education into their works will always find a way.

Who are your heroes?  Musical influences?

Ennio Morricone. He is just THE one for me. So emotional and his melodies are so wonderful. What an inspiration to me. Honestly. I do like also the works of Gabriel Yared (Film composer f.e. English Patient) and Craig Armstrong (Scottish Film Composer f.e. World Trade Center, Incredible Hulk).  Craig has a special &  stylish way of combining electronica with traditional orchestral music. But  – generally  – I listen to a lot of music, especially Film Soundtrack and I find it very inspirational.
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Pop, techno and world from Film & TV Music Composer Adonis Tsilimparis

Adonis Tsilimparis - Composer/Producer

Adonis Tsilimparis – Composer/Producer

Adonis Tsilimparis

Location: New York City
Style of Music: Pop/Techno/ World
Album links iTunes/Adonis Tsilimparis/Meridian

Adonis Tsilimparis tracks to license: music for television advertising.

How do you define yourself?

Film and TV Music Composer/Producer

Awards and Professional Highlights

1999- AWNY Advertising Award – Best Music

How long working as professional?

15 years

What was your best professional experience? –

My best experience was working at a jingle house in NYC called Fearless Music. I was there from 1995 to 2002. I learned everything there, from producing, to composing music that was not in my experience. It forced me to stretch my creativity.


My worst experience was being on tour in the early 1990’s. I was in a band that did a tour of Upstate New York. We made very little money, the van broke down and the Bass player quit in the middle of the tour.

What instruments do you play?

I play Guitar, Bass, Piano and I sing.

What do you think is the future of music and media as a business?  As art?

I think the Music business will focus on the Film and TV industry. Labels are dying out and since people don’t by C.D.’s anymore, the best way to market yourself is to place your songs on a TV show or a Film. It’s also a great challenge for artists to write background music because it forces them to stretch beyond their own scope of thinking. I learned that when I was writing for Commercials.

Who are your heroes?

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pace De Lucia, Steely Dan

Musical influences?

Classic Rock, Jazz, … a bit of everything.

Other influences?

Classical Music, Flamenco and World Music

What’s a surprising, little known fact about you?

I lived in Athens, Greece for three years when I was a kid. That was where I was influenced by different styles of music and it gave me a broader horizon of genres to learn from. It really affected how I approach music nowadays.

Adonis Tsilimparis tracks to  license: music for television advertising.

Interview with Andrew Ingkavet at Music Supervision Central

When did you start 300 Monks, and what was your inspiration for doing it?
300 Monks is a collective of composers and producers living, working and creating cinematic music deep in the forests of Brooklyn.  We are like the Shaolin Kung-fu monks who perfect the martial arts, only we make visionary music for moving images.  We live in a hidden fortress in a Brooklyn most never know or see covered by deep centuries old forests…(full interview)

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