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Cool Commercial Shows How Composer Lalo Schifrin created Mission Impossible…Fantastically

As a composer, I really got a kick out of this commercial spot for Lipton Yellow Label Tea which shows how a composer, a very famous one, creates the music for a major pop culture event: Mission Impossible.   The music has lasted for decades since the television series and then with the movie remakes with a bonafide star Tom Cruise.

Check it out.  I wish I had a room where these players would drop from suspension wires whenever I needed them!

Interesting how infectious that theme is and how it has lasted the test of time – mainly because of that cool rhythm.  Could it be Lalo Schifrin‘s Argentinian upbringing?  Tango anyone?

And yes, the tea does things for me, though I prefer the pearl jasmine tea I get down in Chinatown at $100 per pound.  Man!  Just talking about makes me want to go brew a pot!



Pop songs wanted for use in television, film, web and more

Are you an artist that sounds like what’s on the radio right now?  Want to know a huge secret to making money from your tracks?
Every single day, our clients are looking for current, hip sounding pop songs…but with a catch.  They only want the background tracks – no vocals or lyrics.  Why?  Because they’re going to use it for the background of a commercial or a promo or a website etc.  It pays well and you can still use your tracks for your artist career.  So, it’s like having 2 sources of income from one catalog of music.

Of course, you need to own all the rights to the songs and it can’t have any uncleared samples.  And you get 50% of synchronization fees, keep all your performance royalties (100%) and keep all your own publishing.

At the moment, we’re in need of songs and tracks that sound like Pink, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Britney Spears etc.

If you have anything, there’s an excellent chance we can get it on television, in films, and more.  Get more details.

Composer Marketing and Reputation Management

Writing music for use in production music libraries like the one here at 300 Monks, is another revenue stream for composers.  While it may not be a full time gig for many, it can add many tentacles into the new world of online marketing.  You see, Google and the other search engines need to have a steady stream of links pointing at you and your work as a Composer, Music Producer, Artist or combination of the above.  By placing more of your work representing you into the online world, you have more presence.  Somewhere I read an article about how Google is now really an online “reputation manager.”  Your presence online needs to be managed.  You could be shocked at how your past life online comes to haunt you in the future.  Or…you could have virtually no presence at all.   If you’re trying to hide under a rock, then that may be fine, but not so good, if you are trying to negotiate the composer gig on a hot new film – or any job for that matter.

Having your music placed in one or several production music libraries can definitely raise your profile.  But you need to think about how you are doing this.

Brian has posted an interesting article that outlines very well the process of writing music that sells for production music libraries including some tips and tricks on getting it to sell.

BAMcinemaFEST – Brooklyn gets a new film festival

New York City is getting a new film festival. From June 17 – July 2, 2009 BAMcinematek, the repertory film program at BAM Rose Cinemas, will present the first BAMcinemaFEST, a new annual film festival in Brooklyn that will showcase U.S. and international work from emerging and established filmmakers.

An evolution in BAMcinematek’s programming, the festival will effectively replace the Sundance at BAM series, which for the past few years brought films from the Sundance Film Festival to Brooklyn.  However, the new fest is opening with Sundance offering “Don’t Let Me Drown,” from director Cruz Angeles. The is being programmed by the BAMcinematek team, lead by Program Director Florence Almozini.

See more at Indiewire.

Weekend Box Office By Film Composer – Weekending Feb 22, 2009

For weekend of February 22 2009 – according to Variety


  1. _____________- no composer! Licensed music only – Madea Goes To Jail
  2. Nathaniel Mechaly – Taken
  3. Bruno Coulais, They Might Be Giants – Coraline
  4. Cliff Eidelman – He’s Just Not That Into You
  5. A.R. Rahman – Slumdog Millionaire – ACADEMY AWARD FOR BEST SCORE (+ song too!)
  6. Steve Jablonsky – Friday The 13th
  7. James Newton Howard – Confessions of A Shopaholic
  8. Waddy Wachtel – Paul Blart Mall Cop
  9. Richard Gibbs – Fired Up!
  10. Rheinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer – The International

Weekend Box Office by Film Composer

For weekend of February 15 2009 – according to Variety

Horror’s on top!

  1. Steve Jablonsky – Friday the 13th
  2. Cliff Eidelman – He’s Just Not That Into You
  3. Nathaniel Mechaly – Taken
  4. Bruno Coulais, They Might Be Giants – Coraline
  5. James Newton Howard – Confessions of A Shopaholic
  6. Waddy Wachtel – Paul Blart Mall Cop
  7. Christophe Beck – Pink Panther 2
  8. Rheinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer – The International
  9. A.R. Rahman – Slumdog Millionaire
  10. Neil Davidge – Push
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