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Artist/Composer: Kenton Gilchrist
Attitude driven hip hop bed in the style of Mos Def.

BC Rugby - Behind the Scenes

Artist/Composer: Kenton Gilchrist
Hard hitting dubstep industrial hybrid for extreme sports.

KEYWORDS:harp, stratocaster, strat, celtic, electronic, industrial, glitchy, dub, dubstep, idm, sample, orchestral, symphonic, classical, hybrid, fusion, 140 bpm, up-tempo, fast, breakbeat, frantic, urgent, 140, synths, synth, percussion, drums, glitchy, lead synth, screamer, ripper, wobble, wobble bass, hard hitting, driven, determined, determination, gritty, menacing, intense, sports, extreme sports, rugby, football, trail running, running, sprinting, ufc, mixed martial arts, mountain biking, mtb, amon tobin, tobin, aphex twin, squarepusher, prefuse 73, nine inch nails, hans zimmer, danny elfman,

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