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Artificial Intel by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
An energizing, beautiful and friendly cue for marimbas, vibraphone and sinthesizers that's motivational, intimate and positive at the same time. Would work well for documentaries, commercials, advertisements and corporate applications as well as for a broad range of movie and television scenes.
Keywords: friendly, motivational, positive, feel good, intimate, encouraging, energetic, hi-tech, successful, business, uplifting, warm, corporation, success, modern, inspirational, optimistic, confident, achievement, thoughtful, inspiring, lively, rhythmic, percussive, catchy, melodic, light, purposeful, spirited, meaningful, bright, determined, enthusiastic, intelligent, moving, outgoing, passionate, adventurous, cheerful, groovy, magical, playful, repetitive, relaxed, lighthearted, laid-back, pleasing, appealing, attractive, mesmerizing, infectious,
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