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Royalty Free Music For Creatives

Dear fellow creative,

My name is Andrew Ingkavet and I created this site as a resource for my fellow creatives in advertising and marketing agencies.

When I was an Art Director at Digitas and later Creative Director at FCB (now DRAFT/FCB), I was always looking for great music to accompany my work. I was shocked to find that at that time (late 1990’s) there were few online resources for quality production music and even fewer for custom soundtracks. Being a trained composer/producer, I started creating music for myself, then my teams and soon agency-wide.

An audio agency

An idea formed and since 2004, 300 Monks has been serving Art Directors, Copywriters, Photographers, Filmmakers, Web Designers, Animators, Video Producers and Marketing Professionals with great music.

How we choose our music

Our music is all handpicked for quality in composition, structure and production. In other words, it needs to NOT sound like someone took 2 loops from GarageBand and mixed them together and said – “I’m a composer!”

There’s a deeper thought behind our music.

Our music is pure emotion that heightens and amplifies your work. Our music is designed to captivate and build to climax without overpowering your work. Our music delivers an emotional subtext to your work. Most of our music is background music and instrumental, with no lyrics. There are few tracks that have lyrics, but usually they are more evocative of a mood. There are times when you need something overt and attention getting, you can look in our Action Adventure and Sports Themes for those types of things.

Is this Stock Music?

I’ve never quite liked the term stock music as it gives off the feeling of subpar or something is not quite as good. Our music is used in film productions, web videos, television commercials, Powerpoint and Keynote presentations, animations, student films, project films, video games, websites and more. It is meant for creative professionals. Clip music is also a term that has been used mainly from the people who are using clip art in their presentations. If you’re looking for music for presentation, then yes, you could call this clip music, but it’s really, really good. More like a cinematic HD version than the 8 bit pixelated Windows icons.

Is This Music Royalty Free?

Yes. By this we mean, you pay for the license and you can legally use this music in your visual production. If it goes to broadcast, the composer may get additional royalties, but not from you. The big performing rights organizations already bill the major networks annual licensing fees. It is from these fees that composer may receive future royalties, but it never gets charged to you.

We’ve had the great fortune to work with several Fortune 500 and even Fortune 100 global brands including American Express, MetLife, HP, Compaq, JPMorganChase, Nike, Adobe, MTV, Clairol, Timberland and many many more. We’ve also been part of many independent filmmakers works, web designers, animators, corporate videos, trade shows, music on hold and flash intros.

We hope to have your great company join us and let us work with you providing great soundtracks, audio branding, music supervision and consulting. Music makes it louder!

Real Customer Feedback

Here’s what some have said about our Royalty Free Music:

MP Zorn MP Zorn, USA
“Your Services Kick Ass” Your site is great (fair prices and easy to use) I will go nowhere but your site for all of my music clip needs (period) (I hope you crush your competition) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK VERY, VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER M.P. ZORN – Economic and Political Thrillers
Jennifer Cox Moto Films, Brooklyn, NY
“Your site is really my no# 1 go-to place – and I tell everyone to go there too just so ya know…”
Neely Catignani Red Pepper, Nashville, TN
“This music is awesome. If I have to hear one more (Competitor’s Name withheld) track, I think I’m going to throw up!”
Joe S. New Orleans
“I love that I don’t have to have this old outdated pile of CD’s in my studio anymore.”

Our Custom Soundtracks have won several awards, boosted sales and awareness and seen by millions.

And our clients have included Fortune 500 brands and major advertising/marketing agencies including Adobe, Ogilvy, BBC, MTV Networks, Nike, HP, American Express, Clairol, MetLife, Chase, DraftFCB, Timberland, Reebok, Grey Worldwide, BBC, MTV Networks, Showtime, Pfizer and many, many more.

About our name

300 Monks is a powerful image. Think of the legendary Shaolin monks who practice martial arts deep in the mountains of China. Think of the 300 warriors of Sparta. We 300 Monks practice the magic art of visionary music.

Thanks for dropping by and we hope to provide you with exactly the music you need to sell.

Are You A Creative?

Then use Music For Creative Professionals.

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