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Acerbus - Epic Hybrid by Martin Sebastian Holm

Artist/Composer:Martin Sebastian Holm
A powerful epic hybrid score piece, with multiple dynamic levels. Starts out dark, gloomy and threatening - danger is drawing near. Builds to a bigger and dramatic section that turns into an all out intense action sequence. Then backs of again to a softer, touching part. Vintage and modern synths and guitars mixed with massive percussion and large orchestra. Cinematic!
Keywords: The Dark Knight, action, adventure, adventurous, batman, battle, big, building, chaos, chase, cinematic, conspiracy, dark, darkness, deception, destruction, distorted, doom, dramatic, epic, escalating, fighting, foreboding, futuristic, fuzzy, hans zimmer, hybrid, impending, inception, intense, large, loud, mission, mysterious, mystery, oblivion, pounding, quest, race, sci fi, score, soundtrack, suspense, suspenseful, tense, thriller, trailer, underscore, violent, war,
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