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Thank You For Your Music Submission

Thank you for sharing your music.

You’ve made great music no matter what we say. We are highly selective in our search for music and composers and our criteria includes:

  1. Quality of Music and Production Value
  2. Sale-ability of Music based on our experience and conversations with clients
  3. Ability to edit tracks or deliver stems – this can be useful for up-selling a client to a custom job or reworking of a piece.
  4. Geographic or Temporal Specificity of the Music- does it place us in Georgia in 1899? Or is it 1999 East Coast Hip Hop? Sometimes this is useful.

So rest assured we listen to everything, but it may take us time to hear your tracks. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we may only get in touch if we find a place for your music in the library. This in no way reflects on you, your artistry or your music. It just means we don’t have a fit.

If you don’t hear back from us, you can send an email in a few weeks time to follow up.

Thanks again from all 300 of us!

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