In the beginning, there was sound…

A long, long time ago, in a forest tucked deep in the wood, there was a band of men, joined together in purpose…to create the most powerful, emotional, visceral music to empower the art of storytelling…

This site uncovers the deep trove of tracks,undiscovered… until now.  This is 300 Monks – Visionary Music.

Since 2004, 300 Monks has provided high quality soundtracks that sell your story. Our ciients include leading filmmakers, ad agencies. marketers, animators and web designers all over the world.


What is Audio Branding?

Back in the early 1900’s, not everyone knew the power of visual branding.  They would package their goods in different colors, different typefaces, logos, etc.  The power of consistent, congruent and effective branding can be applied to other senses.

Audio is one of the most powerful senses  we humans have.  In fact, hearing turns on in the womb.  We are born hearing!

Audio = Emotion

Did you ever watch a movie with the sound off?

Notice how different the experience felt.  All the spine-tingling tension that you thought was coming from just watching the film was actually being communicated by the audio, namely music and sound effects.

What Is The Sound of Your Brand?

Most corporations have an agency who is supposed to be coming up with great ideas that communicate the brand story.

When it comes to adding music to your project, they usually slap in the latest hot track.  There’s no thought to whether it aligned with your brand strategy.

A Strategy For Audio

After you have an Audio Strategy, it needs to be communicated internally and executed to your customers on point.

We can help.

Need To Talk?

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