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Royalty Free Music in the style of Classic Rock

Looking to add some classic rock to your advertisement, web video, website or film?  We’ve just beefed up our classic rock music department at our production music store with a bunch of new tracks from Robert Wayne Johnson, Sam Reynolds, and Jon Abrams.  It’s all royalty free so you can use them instantly in your presentations and creative projects.

  1. Riff Rocker – Classic rock guitar riff explodes into a hard rockin’ groove. Turn it up! By Robert Wayne Johnson.
  2. Nehru Jacket – Groovy 60’s garage rock featuring Vox organ and psychedelic guitar riffs. Sounds like The Caesars, The Doors, The Kingsmen, Question Mark & the Mysterians etc. Very Shagadelic baby!
  3. Flange Guitar – Remember the glory days of classic rock. Foghat anyone?  By Jon Abrams.
  4. P-Ride – Classic acoustic pop-rock.
  5. The Rodeo Song – Old school rock in the vein of T-Rex.
  6. Boston Pops –  Chiming guitars and pop melodies with a 60s vibe. Sounds a bit like The Byrds, R.E.M and Tom Petty.
  7. Jingle Jangle Morning –  Jangly guitars and pop melodies create a very dreamy atmosphere. Sounds a bit like The Byrds, R.E.M and Tom Petty.
  8. Boot Camp – Highway to Hell comes to mind. Australians know how to rock and Mr. Reynolds is down under. Like AC/DC?  You’ll love this. Guitar, bass, drums – what else do you need?
  9. 45 RPM – Modern indie pop rock with a 60s garage feel that features a Vox organ and psychedelic guitar melody. Sounds a bit like the band Hot Hot Heat.
  10. New Wave Dave – Quirky New Wave rock with a fun, party vibe. Sounds like The B-52s.
  11. Creepy Geekanoids – Quirky New Wave rock with a comically creepy and dark overtone. Sounds a bit like Devo.
  12. Convertible – Upbeat rock with a nice steady groove.

300 Monks provides custom scoring, music supervision, royalty free music licensing and audio brand consulting to advertising agencies, film studios and independent producers.  Based in NYC, it offers music from composers, artists and producers all over the world!

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