Music that stirs the hearts and minds of men (and women!).  These tracks are all legally pre-cleared so you can use them right away in your project.  Listen and download the free preview to try it out with your client before you buy, then come back and purchase the exact track for the exact usage you need.

These are just a few of our Patriotic selections.  Make sure you check out the whole collection.

The Gift -perfect for a graduation moment or a regal celebration.

Inside Our Hearts – This ones is more contemporary radio pop feel.  Feels like a stadium with lighters aloft.

Roses – Sweeping, grandiose, cinematic and driving.

Mission of Honor – Serious, solemn, heroic, stoic.  Sounds like Gladiator.

Boldly Forward – Driving, positive, orchestral

The Prez – warm, acoustic, positive Americana

Olympic Opening – regal, motivational, grand, moving – this piece was featured at the Beijing Olympics.

Download preview Track Length: 00:00

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