A 12 pack of great action sports soundtracks for Olympians, GoPro heroes or mere mortals

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We’ve been enjoying the Olympics in the last few days and really loving the sweeping vistas of Sochi. That got us monks to thinking, well, maybe we should feature some of our favorite recent additions to the library that can really do well for the slow-motion replays or action shots filmed from a GoPro helmet cam. Here’s a dozen tracks that we really like and think will bring emotion to your video. Babylon Babylon-Kristjan BildArtist/Composer: Kristjan BildEpic, catchy fast and dubstep influenced great for action scenes and games....

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Editor’s Picks for Spooky Royalty Free Background Music

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So with Halloween coming up, we were in a spooky mood.  Here’s a few of our favorites from our collection.  These should be useful for your horror film moment or even in a Powerpoint that scares the pants off your boss. Last Passenger (with orchestra)Composer: Robert Charles Mann Mysterious and scary this underscore would suit a sci-fi theme or car crash or even a psychological thriller. A drone mix of synthesizer strings and kettledrum with cymbals. Price: $34.95Select Usage for Final Price : Web Video Video advertising Film festivals,...

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Easier Licensing Of Royalty Free Music

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  Finding Your Royalty Free Music You can either Browse for Music by Using The Navigation Menu – Or you can Search For Music (more on this below).  Browsing Through Navigation Menu   If you look up at the new Top Nav Bar (drum roll please), you can see that there’s handy pulldown menus to browse through our music categories: a) Browse Music By Genre This is the fancy name music programmers (and the Head Monk) use for style as in like Rock or Hip-Hop or Country etc. b) Browse Music By Mood This is like how filmmakers think...

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Choosing music for Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox

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There was great interview today with music supervisor Randall Poster on Fresh Air on NPR. So let’s talk about another Wes Anderson film you worked on, “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” which is a wonderful animated film about a family of foxes, and when – who are endangered both on the dysfunctional family level and on the enemy animals out to get them and enemy humans out to get them level. And at the end of the film, you use a great recording called “Let Her Dance” by The Bobby Fuller Four. It’s from the mid...

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New music licensing terms

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In our constant search to improve our offerings, we’ve been reviewing how to make things easier for our clients.  One of these ways is to simplify our licensing terms.  We’ve done that today by granting an in perpetuity term, in other words, a buyout term on our music licenses.  This means you can purchase our license and then use it forever in your project. Click here for full music licensing terms.

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Staff Picks of Favorite Ambient Royalty Free Music Soundtracks

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Ambience is that special touch of something.  It’s a Je ne c’est quoi, the special atmosphere in the room, the space.  Ambience is invisible, but you can hear it and feel it.  If you think of those special spaces where you felt deeply connected, there’s an aural element, whether it’s the sound of the reflected noise or the wind or colored by a slight music that is just ever so there. These are some of our favorite tracks out of our many handpicked curated collection of ambient music.  They pay attention to NOT draw...

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The Soundtrack’s the Star – What Makes a Memorable Score?

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An Overview of 6 Historic and Indelible Movie Soundtracks. By Isabella Woods In a world where CGI and 3D seem to dominate every movie, many modern moviegoers have forgotten just how important film scores are for creating mood, atmosphere and effects. While whiz-bang special effects have their place, often some of the most tense, memorable and emotional scenes in movie history are the result of the right music at the right time. Whether it’s a Hollywood production, a local commercial, or a YouTube video promoted by a viral marketing agency,...

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Choosing Music For A Documentary Film

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Documentary Films have a different process than a fictional narrative.  Most of the time, the filmmaker has a story outline they are trying to tell, but as shooting commences, life happens!  Unexpected events arise and what was going to be the dramatic climax is eclipsed by something more interesting or unusual. To use music to score the film, you can hire a composer to start developing a library of musical themes for the story.  This is something I’ve done several times and it works quite well.  Because of the fluid nature of...

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From Music Videos and Commercials to Hollywood Feature Debut

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This guy is responsible for some indelible images in my head (oh and of course the sound was pure delight) – it’s the image of the swinging lamps and Kurt Cobain snarling, sneering and screaming “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” And now, the 48 year old director, Samuel Bayer,  has his Hollywood moment with…Freddy Krueger.  Read...

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Cool Commercial Shows How Composer Lalo Schifrin created Mission Impossible…Fantastically

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As a composer, I really got a kick out of this commercial spot for Lipton Yellow Label Tea which shows how a composer, a very famous one, creates the music for a major pop culture event: Mission Impossible.   The music has lasted for decades since the television series and then with the movie remakes with a bonafide star Tom Cruise. Check it out.  I wish I had a room where these players would drop from suspension wires whenever I needed them! Interesting how infectious that theme is and how it has lasted the test of time – mainly...

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