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Dear fellow creative,

My name is Andrew Ingkavet and I created this site as a resource for my fellow creatives.

Way back when I was an Art Director at Digitas and later Creative Director at FCB (now DRAFT/FCB), I was always looking for great music for my work. I was shocked to find few online resources for quality production music.  Being a trained composer/producer, I started creating music for myself, then my teams and soon agency-wide.

An idea formed and since 2004, we’ve been serving the world great visual music!

How we choose our music

Our music is all handpicked for quality in composition, structure and production

so you can get on with your work.  

This will save you time instead of weeding out dozens of terrible tracks, you’ll browse stuff that already feels pretty close.

And, most important, it needs to conjure a picture or feeling in your mind.

Our music is pure emotion that heightens and amplifies your work.

Our music is designed to captivate and build to climax without overpowering your work. It delivers an emotional subtext to your work.

Stock Music?

I’ve never quite liked the term stock music as it gives off the feeling of subpar or something is not quite as good. Our music is used in film productions, web videos, television commercials, Powerpoint and Keynote presentations, animations, student films, project films, video games, websites and more.

It is meant for creative professionals.

Our Clients Trust Us

We’ve had the great fortune to work with several Fortune 500 and even Fortune 100 global brands including American Express, MetLife, HP, Compaq, JPMorganChase, Nike, Adobe, MTV, Clairol, Timberland and many many more.

We’ve also been part of the work of many indie filmmakers, authors, start-up entrepreneurs, DIY-ers, bloggers, podcasters, web designers,  animators, corporate videos, trade shows, and YouTube videos.

We hope to have you join us.

Music makes it louder!

Andrew Ingkavet

The Head Monk/Founder, 300 Monks

Newest Music

Ukulele for My Baby by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
A positive and friendly solo ukulele folk jazz track influenced by jazz and blues of the 1920's and 30's. Would work well for commercials, advertisements and film and television scenes needing light, upbeat, catchy music. Would work especially well for fun, family and comedy scenes.
Keywords: ukulele, acoustic, positive, friendly, ubeat, light, catchy, playful, fun, easy, infectious, joyful, relaxed, cheerful, contagious, easygoing, carefree, memorable, whimsical, hook, family, comedy, contented, lighthearted, happy, delighted, uplifting, spirited, free, outgoing, dancing, amicable, inspiring, laid-back, sprightly, groovy, party, heartfelt, celebration, outgoing, amicable, frisky, bright, casual, cheerful, expressive, motivational, jazzy, swing, confident, bouncy, animated, commercial, advertisement,
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00
Trouble on the Mountain by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
A high impact dramatic/thriller track that's perfect for a movie trailer and movie, documentary and television scenes involving danger, threat, crisis, peril, rescue or military. Would also work well for an edgy advertisement.
Keywords: John Powell, danger, threat, crisis, peril, rescue, military, trailer, cinematic, documentary, edgy, intense, threatening, aggressive, dangerous, anxious, epic, dramatic, suspenseful, stirring, emotional, serious, strong, thrilling, tense, exciting, apprehensive, distress, hazard, rousing, pulsing, psychological, evocative, captivating, foreboding, tension, riveting,bold, forceful, powerful, driving, heavy, ominous, poignant, suspense, anticipating, gripping, climatic, changing, progressing, moving, twisting, turning, advancing, approaching, reaching, developing, dark,
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00
The Council by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
An urban aimospheric, dramatic underscore that would work well in many crime, gangster, thriller, and dark nightlife scenes. Would also work for a movie trailer or darker advertisement.
Keywords: urban, aimospheric, dramatic, dark, underscore, thriller, nightlife, illicit, apprehensive, attitude, gangsta, foreboding, mafia, sinister, unsafe, menacing, illegal, thug, ominous, dangerous, suspenseful, undercover, serious, edgy, threatening, treachorous, treachery, risky, deadly, cruising, rolling, ghetto, laid back, downtown, city, rebellious, hood, pimp, provocative, confident, mysterious, tough, rhythmic, block, determined, scary
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00
Prayer for the World by Geoffrey Wilson

Artist/Composer:Geoffrey Wilson
An inspiring and beautiful, psychedelic art pop track in the style of Kimbra that is subtly powerful, intimate and thoughtful at the same time. Would work well for scenes involving altruism, friendship and compassion. Would also work for advertisements, commercials, promos and corporate applications.
Keywords: Kimbra, beautiful, altruism, thankful, friendship, thoughful, compassionate, heartfelt, modern, intimate, positive, motivational, optimistic, confident, passionate, inspirational, emotional, energetic, joyful, happy, inspiring, sensitive, warm, corporate, science, technology, commercial, heartening, wondrous, lively, purposeful, uplifting, spirited, meaningful, accepting, carefree, cheerful, elegant, graceful, caring, determined, driving, lively, proud, strong, noble, sincere, expressive, free, outgoing, amicable, friendly, contented, poignant, reflective, evocative,
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00

Featured Products

River to Myself

Composer/Artist: Colin O'Dwyer
Acoustic folk pop song about isolation LYRIC-Shadows fall upon a tired city Winter covers it with gold Tension comes across a million faces The burden grows upon our shoulders I just want to have a river to myself A refuge from the daily rain I've just got to have a river to myself That even when I'm gone will still remain The city goes about it's frenzied business It never stops to feel the breeze I am thrown amongst the mass confusion Playing for my place of peace I just want to have a river to myself A refuge from the daily rain I've just got to have a river to myself That even when I'm gone will still remain rain...rain...rain...rain... Another day inside the spinning city Ambitious hearts and eyes of fear I can sense my distant refuge calling But something always keeps me here I just want to have a river to myself A refuge from the daily rain I've just got to have a river to myself That even when I'm gone will still remain That even when I'm gone will still remain That even when I'm gone will still remain
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00
rain and no umbrella

A upbeat quirky light track very exploring . Imagine two young lovely ladies enjoying shopping somewhere in Europe perhaps France.
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00
Nutcracker- Sugar Plum Fairies

Light/Grand. This piece so exemplifies Christmas probably from habitual programming around the Holidays each year at Radio City Music Hall. Beautiful. Composer: Tchaikovsky Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra/Vaclav Smetacek
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00
Onwards by Justin Miller

Artist/Composer:Justin Miller
A Guitar led driving song, build up with a calm serene, moving landscape. Instrumental New Silverchair sounding

Keywords: guitar, landscape, serene, surreal, commercial, car, hill, hike, trek, sun, landscape, city, country, happy, moving, Silverchair
Select Usage for Price :
Price: $27.00


All our music is screened and listened to by real live people to ensure quality.

Music For Picture

No wallpaper music here.  Our music tells stories.

High Quality and Affordable

Licensing from $37

Easy Licensing

4 options – based on how you use our music.

Mass Duplication

Physical and Digital Copies
  • Single project
  • in perpetuity
  • up to 10,000 copies
  • Audio books
  • DVDs, CD-ROMS, and other storage media
  • Paid Apps and games such as IOS, Android
  • Software
  • For further details see the full license.

Broadcast & Advertising

TV, Radio, Banner Ads, Web Ads, etc
  • single advertising project
  • in perpetuity
  • For further details see the full license.

All Media

Great value and covers everything
  • single project
  • in perpetuity
  • unlimited uses
  • all media
  • worldwide

What Our Customers Are Saying

Real life customers over the last 10 years!

“The advantage of working with 300 Monks is that you have a wide range of composers with different specialities to choose from which makes for great speed and efficiency for your project.”

John Young

Draft-FCB NY

“Your Services Kick Ass”

Your site is great (fair prices and easy to use) I will go nowhere but your site for all of my music clip needs (period) (I hope you crush your competition) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK VERY, VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER

M.P. Zorn

I would like to thank you for all your help in getting “my” music. I was a bit nervous after purchasing the music and not being able to download it , yet your quick respond to my problem was very much appreciated. Once again, THANK YOU !

– Dana R – Ontario, Canada

Dana R.

“This music is awesome. If I have to hear one more (Competitor’s Name withheld) track, I think I’m going to throw up!”

Neely Catignani

Red Pepper

“First, I want to say THANKS for a great website. I’m a director-producer and I’m always looking for great tracks for projects that I’m doing. Your music is fantastic”

Ann-Marie McHugh

Director/Producer, Quincy Films and Media

“Andrew’s expansive knowledge on film, television, multimedia, and advertising blows you away, and thus makes his compositions extremely relevant and evocative. I will definitely be working with Andrew again in the future.”

David Huston

Sound Engineer, MTV Networks

I uploaded a few videos on you tube with your great music. Just to let you know because you told me that you could link them in your web. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your site. For me, a writer for young-adult poetry and novels is awasome find the right music!!
The only think is that there are not in english… I wish you like them!!

Thanks again for all,
Nuria Alberti

“Working with Andrew was a pleasure. Our creative team had a very specific theme in mind and the music and sound design he produced was thematically consistent and very close to our needs, right off the bat. Subsequent tweaks were turned around quickly and intelligently.”

Eoin McGrath

Producer, Digitas

“Andrew worked with us to find the right score for our animation by giving us a variety of options from talented composers. His turn around time was also impressive.” – Veena Rao, DraftFCB NY

Veena Rao

Producer, Draft-FCB

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses 300 Monks?

We are an online music library used by Creative Professionals such as



Video Producers

Web Video Producers

Wedding Photographers/Videographers

Marketing Managers


Student Filmmakers

Powerpoint Presentation Creators

and many more.



What is Royalty Free Music?

You are paying for permission to use our music in your project.


Extra Details For Those Who Need To Know Everything:

We can sometimes earn extra money paid by broadcast networks if our music gets placed on television or radio in the USA and additionally in theatrical release in most other territories.

This is not something that you will have to pay extra for as a producer, director, web designer, advertiser, etc. It’s handled by organizations called Performing Rights Societies and inlude ASCAP, BMI and SESAC in the USA. In most other countries there is only one society. For example in Germany it’s GEMA. In the UK it’s PRS.

What makes your music different?

All of our music has been hand-selected for dramatic possibilities. Not every piece of music is appropriate to accompany visual storytelling.

How long can I use the music I purchase here?

After payment, your license entitles you to use the music in perpetuity.  In other words, forever.

You may NOT redistribute or sell or lend or loan the music to anyone else including clients, employers or colleagues, nor can you use it alone apart from a visual medium.

You do not own the music, it is licensed to you. Please review the complete licensing agreement. If you need a multi-user license, or a multi-project license,  please contact us.


How do I pay for the music?

Add your track to the cart and you will guided to the Checkout Page.

You can then pay with a credit card, or PayPal.

Then, click on your download link and receive your music in a zipped file.


What if I need an invoice for payment by my client?

Contact us for invoiced payment instead.

Do I have to credit 300 Monks in my project?

For most uses, it is not required but would be wonderful.  You may also want to link to us and may want to say something like “Music by 300 Monks.”  We love to give your work publicity too and may even feature it on our site.

For Broadcast, you will need to include “Music by 300 Monks.”




Where does the name 300 Monks come from?

Well, we are NOT a religious organization, and NO we are NOT really monks.

What we are is:

A brotherhood (and sisterhood) of talented Composers, Producers, and Artists living all over the world coming together to make music for moving images.

We just love the idea of a mystical temple somewhere in the forest where 300 people are making music for films, videos, etc.  If we had George Lucas on our side, maybe we could do that one day…

Can I use these sounds and music to create new music to sell?

No. Absolutely not. The license agreement specifically prohibits the use of this music apart from a visual production. This is music for picture.

Why can't I hear the music?

Why can’t I hear the preview music or sound effects?

Is your volume on? Speakers?

If so, you may need to upgrade your browser to the latest Flash plug-in.

Our current music player uses Flash so does not work for IOS users – iPad or iPhone.  This will be fixed soon.

Where are you located?

We’re based in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

How long has 300 Monks been in business?

The company as it now stands was started in 2004. Before that it was a single composer’s website.


Can I submit some music to sell here?

Please see our submission page.


Got A Question?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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